40 Truly Creative Examples of Billboard Design


Advertisers go above and beyond to market products to the public. Whether it’s on the TV, the radio, the social media, the websites we visit, and even on our commute; there is no escaping the advertisements. Given the sheer amount of ads we see on a daily basis, as designers of those ads, we have to think outside the box and get really creative with the design and the delivery of the ad itself.

One popular advertising medium includes billboards. However, billboards are easy to overlook, especially since our attention span is already dwindling. As such, you need to put in the extra effort in your billboard design. A creative billboard is sure to get a second look as opposed to a billboard with a plain design.

Understanding the nature of the product or service that will be advertised as well as knowing the target audience and the message that needs to be conveyed is only the starting point in your billboard design. Using your creativity and thinking outside the box to incorporate elements that are seemingly disconnected is what will help you create an outstanding design that captures the attention.

In this roundup, we’re sharing the best creative billboard designs to get your creative juices going. These billboards truly embrace creativity and outside the box thinking to get their message across.

As you’ll see from the examples below, the ideas aren’t limited to just the usual rectangular or square space. Rather, they incorporate the entirety of the billboard stand and the surrounding items that would help drive the message home. Use them as an inspiration for your own billboard designs.

Old Timer Restaurants
creative advertising billboard design  Old Timer Restaurants

The Naval Museum of Alberta
creative advertising The Naval Museum of Alberta

creative advertising billboard design  Rimac

Creativity in Advertising
creative advertising Creativity in Advertising

Male Stripper
creative billboard Male Stripper

Donatos Pizza
creative advertising Donatos Pizza

creative advertising billboard design  Burnout

creative advertising Nokia

creative advertising billboard design  Providence

Colour Tackle
creative billboard Colour Tackle

RG Board PPT
creative advertising RG Board PPT

creative advertising billboard design  Scream

Fresh Salad
creative advertising Fresh Salad

Denver Water Beard
smart billboard design  Denver Water Beard

Dairy Milk Billboard
creative advertising Dairy Milk Billboard

creative advertising billboard design  Crying

Stories with Real Background
creative advertising Stories with Real Background

Hate Dropped Calls?
creative billboard Hate Dropped Calls?

Pedigree Bus Shelter
creative advertising Pedigree Bus Shelter

Koleston Naturals
creative advertising billboard design  Koleston Naturals

Panasonic Nose Trimmer
creative advertising Panasonic Nose Trimmer

creative advertising Adidas

creative advertising billboard design  Escape

Saittri Boards
creative advertising Saittri Boards

creative billboard Heineken

Its Not Happening Here
creative advertising billboard design  Its Not Happening Here

Berger Sky
creative advertising Berger Sky

Sky Discovery Channel
smart billboard design  Sky Discovery Channel

Don’t Lose Your Head
creative advertising Dont Lose Your Head

Climbing Shoe
creative advertising billboard design  Climbing Shoe

Lord of the Rings
creative billboard Lord of the Rings

Don’t Drop Your Girl
creative advertising Dont Drop Your Girl

Quit Plan
creative advertising Quit Plan

See both Sides of the Story
creative advertising See both Sides of the Story

Colorado State Patrol
creative advertising Colorado State Patrol

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