End of an Era: Adobe Pulls the Plug on Fireworks

If you are a user of the popular UI design and prototyping tool Adobe Fireworks, this will greatly concern you: At the recent MAX conference, Adobe announced their next generation of tools (known as CC), including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash Pro… and many others. But not including Fireworks.

Adobe Fireworks Logo

What does this mean for Fireworks? Well, tragically it does means they are pulling the plug on it. There has been speculation about the future of Fireworks for quite some time, and Adobe has finally put all gossip to rest with this simple statement:

We have decided not to update Fireworks to CC and instead will focus on developing new tools to meet our customers needs.

If you are wondering “why”, Adobe has attempted to answer this: Fireworks seems to have an overlapping set of functionality and features with other Adobe offerings such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The goal is to terminate Fireworks and focus on the more popular applications such as Photoshop. However, Fireworks CS6 will continue to be available but updated with only necessary security updates and bug fixes.

Open Source Adobe Fireworks

There may be yet some hope for Fireworks: The guys behind Firetuts.com have started a petition on Change.org asking Adobe to open-source Fireworks, allowing development to continue. At first glance this may seem optimistic, but you just never know…

What do you think of this move by Adobe? For us? It feels like the end of an era…


  • This is bad news for those who uses FireWork! Especially as Graphic Designer, I prefer Ai & PS than FW.

  • andykillen

    Such a shame. One of the best tools (if not the best) out there for web optimization of images. I for one will miss it.

  • Bassu Miah

    I heard that the whole line of cs was to be dropped in favour of the cloud hosted tools they have.

  • Keith Newton

    Whenever I need to batch process images, I open Fireworks. I guess I’ll be using an old version till it’s open sourced…

  • karks88

    Not happy at all with Adobe these days. They are not being very kind to their loyal customers.

  • Kirk Boone

    And they’re still working developing Flash.Talk about beating a dead horse.

  • I remember when Adobe bought Macromedia, and I wondered then why they didn’t incorporate the functionalities of both FW and Freehand (which some argue was a superior product to Illustrator) into their Adobe “counterparts”. After all, they somewhat quietly pulled the plug on ImageReady, so rolling all that into Photoshop would have, at the time, made sense– at least to me.

    Maybe now they’ll get around to creating cloud-based “superapps” like PhotoWorks and Freelustrator… not that I’m advocating the cloud model. #justsaying

  • slapstickj

    Keeping Flash and discontinuing Fireworks. Interesting. No one I know uses Flash for anything anymore.

  • slapstickj

    FreeHand was far superior to Illustrator and in many ways, still is. Especially where speed is concerned.

  • Fiftyseven

    Obviously this means the return of ImageReady… and PageMill.

  • Kevin Dyck

    Bad news. For prototyping and web graphics I’ve always preferred FW to PS. I’m not surprised though. Here’s hoping Tribaloid comes through.

  • Ohhh Come-on Adobe! Bad news for sure. FW is my tool of choice for Web Graphics and App Prototyping. You should have thrown away Flash atleast.

  • Nothing good came from the Macromedia/Adobe merger. Adobe bloatware (“install this huge update for Adobe update manager to update update manager”) is bad enough not to mention crapware installed by Adobe Reader and differential pricing that rips off international customers. FW is the only Adobe product I still use – guess it will also be the last.

  • I’ve heard that quite a bit, but, since I never had the opportunity to use it, I qualified it as “some would argue”…

  • Luis Martins

    i don’t agree, adobes ps and AI are more complicated to work and why use 2 software’s/tools when FW can do same thing and dont need use more software’s, its my opinion as Fireworks user because im better familiarize more with fireworks

  • Flash is going to be a major tool for Adobe in the mobile space. But people won’t know that because they can only relate Flash to a Browser.

  • Jonathan Devine

    As someone who uses Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator every day I’m pretty upset. I use FW cause it does what it does better than PS or Illustrator. Photoshop is getting to be a bloated program, so if they must I would prefer the integrate some of the FW features into Illustrator.

    Petitioning Adobe to open the source is laughable. They have already proven that they know they are unrivaled and are perfectly comfortable with telling their customers to shut up and hand over their money (which we do). They will want us to need whatever it is they replace FW with.

  • Jenny Arnez

    I”m sad to hear this. I use Firework all of the time for website graphics. It’s been my favorite graphics tool for years.

  • It’s too bad about Fireworks, but I’m not surprised. It’s a good tool, but in the popularity contest with other Adobe products it ranks pretty low.

  • This is really a drag. Fireworks is pretty much a no nonsense tool where a developer, such as myself, can create a quick .png whatever for a web site and get back to writing. I don’t like Photoshop because I do not know how to use it. Sort of like why the users of Photoshop don’t like C# very much.

    Can we say R E T I R E M E N T … Me, not Fireworks

  • slapstickj

    So, it’s almost 4 years later. I don’t see Flash anywhere in the mobile space.