20 Free Abstract Photoshop Brush Packs

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Abstract Photoshop brush packs are among my favorites and I decided to share some of them with you. Well, it’s kind of abstract what abstract is, so let me clarify I have included just a bit of lights, lines, curves, smoke, and swirls brushes, as well as some completely undefined in terms of shape (and probably functionality) brushes, that must be considered really abstract brushes.

Not every single brush in every single back is great but most of the brushes in the packs, or in some cases 1 or 2 of them are very, very nice and this is why the whole pack has been included.

Some of the brushes are tiny while others are huge. In fact, some of them are an image in itself, which isn’t necessarily always convenient but since they are kind of nice, they made it here. At the time of compiling this post, all of the brushes were free to use but since things change, before you use the brush, check if there are any modifications to the license.

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Gradient Shape Brushes

Abstract Gradient Shape Brushes Photoshop Brush

23 Photoshop Brushes

Abstract photoshop brush packs

28 Abstract Curves Brushes

Abstract Curves Photoshop Brush

25 Abstract Light

Abstract Light Photoshop Brush

Cosmic Light Brushes

Cosmic Light Photoshop Brush

20 Illuminate Brushes

Abstract Illuminate Photoshop Brush

Lightning Brushes

Abstract Lightning Photoshop Brush

Lightning Brushes

Abstract Photoshop Lightning Brushes

Burst Brushes

Abstract Photoshop Burst Brushes

Real Smoke Brushes

Abstract Real Smoke Photoshop Brushes

Digital Smoke Brushes

Digital Smoke Brushes Photoshop Brush

Twirls Brushes

Abstract photoshop brush packs Twirls

Bitter Brush Pack

Abstract Photoshop Bitter Brush Pack

Abstract Vector Brushes

Abstract Vector Brushest Photoshop Brush

Abstract Fractal Brush

Photoshop Abstract Fractal Brush

Fractal Brushes

Abstract Photoshop Brush

Radiant Brush Set

Abstract Photoshop Fractal Brushes

Arcade Brush Set

Abstract Arcade Set Photoshop Brush

Morphism Brushes

Abstract Morphism Photoshop Brush

Galaxies I Brush Set

Abstract Photoshop BrushGalaxies I

Galaxies II Brushes

Abstract photoshop brush packs Galaxies II

Check Brushes

Abstract Photoshop Check Brushes

Abstract Round Brushes

Abstract Round  Photoshop Brush

Halftone Random Shapes

Abstract Halftone Random Shapes Photoshop Brushes