The 20+ Best Free Nature Brushes for Photoshop


If you’re a designer or digital artist who loves creating nature-inspired designs, having a diverse range of flora and fauna resources at your disposal is essential. In digital design, one of the most powerful tools is Photoshop, and with it, brushes can significantly improve your work.

With the right brushes, you can create intricate and detailed designs that capture the feeling of the natural world. Whether you’re creating a forest scene or a seascape, brushes can help bring your vision to life. However, finding the perfect brush can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially if you’re not quite sure where to look.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the web to find the best free nature brushes for Photoshop, so you don’t have to. From realistic tree and plant brushes to abstract flower patterns inspired by the natural world, this collection has something for everyone.

The best thing about these Photoshop brushes is that they’re all entirely free to use, which means you can experiment to your heart’s content without breaking the bank.

What are Nature Brushes for Photoshop?

Nature Photoshop brushes allow you to use elements from the natural world in your digital artwork and designs. They offer a wide range of options for adding organic textures, vegetation, and environmental details to your work.

Nature brushes can replicate various elements such as leaves, trees, flowers, clouds, water, etc. They allow you to create realistic landscapes, scenic backgrounds, or decorative natural elements.

Whether you want to add a touch of realism to a digital painting or create a nature-inspired design, these free brushes make it easy to incorporate the beauty and diversity of the natural world into your work.

The Top Nature Brushes for Photoshop

Syd Weiler’s Fall and Winter Nature Set (Free)

What a lovely brush collection this is! The Syd Weiler Fall and Winter Nature Set includes brushes for creating leaves, grass, and snow.

Syd Weiler's Fall and Winter Nature Set free photoshop nature brush sets

Elegant Flower Brushes for Photoshop

This collection of Photoshop brushes is simply stunning. Enjoy the delicate look of flowers with these brushes and use them to create various effects and textures.

Elegant Flower  free photoshop nature brush sets

Blooming Trees (Free)

This simple set of blooming tree Photoshop brushes includes branches, twigs, leaves, and floral elements for creating on-the-spot natural designs.

Blooming Trees free photoshop nature brush sets

Tropical Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

This tropical watercolor set includes 15 Photoshop brushes and consists of a mix of flora and fauna. The delicate and subtle effects set this brush collection apart from the rest.

Tropical Watercolor  free photoshop nature brush sets

Plant Photoshop Brushes (Free)

Here’s another simple set of Photoshop brushes, this time featuring plants. These free brushes make it easy to create nature-inspired art without having to sketch every single leaf, petal, or flower.

Plant free photoshop nature brush sets

Floral Watercolor PS Stamp Brushes

This is another nature brush pack you’ll want to get your hands on. It is a set of 358 watercolor stamp brushes featuring floral motifs, including leaves, flowers, garden-related tools, trees, and other decorative elements.

Floral Watercolor PS Stamp free photoshop nature brush sets

Vintage Floral Photoshop Brush Set (Free)

Do you want to create floral art with a vintage look and feel? This set of floral brushes will help. Each brush features petals or leaves with a distressed or aged effect.

Vintage Floral free photoshop nature brush sets

75 Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection

This set of 75 watercolor Photoshop brushes is simply stunning. These delicate brushes feature detailed petals and leaves, making them ideal for creating beautiful floral designs.

Watercolor Collection free photoshop nature brush sets

Weird Plants Photoshop Brushes (Free)

This ‘weird’ plant brush set can help you create highly creative digital art. It includes a combination of regular and unusual plant shapes for adding unique elements to your next project.

Weird Plants free photoshop nature brush sets

Nebula Photoshop Brushes

You should also check out this set of Nebula Photoshop brushes. Consisting of 16 Photoshop brushes (plus PNG files), these nebulous designs will complement any space or sky-themed work.

Nebula free photoshop nature brush sets

Rain Photoshop Brushes (Free)

If you need to add water effects to your work, this collection of free rain brushes should do the trick. This set features water drops of varying intensity and splatters for adding water effects to any design.

rain free photoshop nature brush sets

100 Snow Photoshop Brushes

Add snow effects to your next design with this set of Photoshop brushes. Each is set to a high resolution and works with all Photoshop versions, ensuring a stunning final result.

Snow free photoshop nature brush sets

Fall and Winter Trees (Free)

These stark and sparse silhouetted tree brushes create the impression of fall and winter at a glance. To make a great impression, populate the background of any natural design with these beautiful tree brushes.

Fall and Winter Trees free photoshop nature brush sets

Water Splash Photoshop Brushes (Free)

This set of free water splash Photoshop brushes allows you to use water’s natural beauty in many different and creative ways, from delicate drops to more erratic splatters.

Water Splash free photoshop nature brush sets

Dead Nature by Asaenath (Free)

This free set of nature brushes focuses on natural life in the wintertime. Or in a state of death and decay, if you prefer. This Dead Nature set includes twigs, bare trees, dead flowers, and more.

dead free photoshop nature brush sets

Feathers and Birds Brushes (Free)

This set of 12 brushes includes feathers and birds to add interest to your design work. This set can accentuate any project, from flocks of birds to feathers blowing in the wind.

Feathers and Birds free photoshop nature brush sets

High-Quality Photoshop Nature Brushes (Free)

This is another option you should consider. It is a set of high-quality free brushes with natural elements like realistic leaves, branches, and trees.

High Quality free photoshop nature brush sets

Free Watercolor Smudges & Drips

This free set of watercolor smudges and drip brushes will add colorful detail to your next digital art project and serve as an excellent backdrop for your natural designs.

Watercolor Smudges Drips free photoshop nature brush sets

18 Electrifying Lightning Strikes (Free)

Need to add lightning to a project? This set of 18 lightning strike brushes gives you the variety you need to create a range of looks, from a natural night sky to out-of-this-world designs.

Electrifying Lightning Strikes free photoshop nature brush sets

Tree Brushes (Free)

Last in our collection is this Photoshop brush set of trees. This free set is whimsical and delicate, and it is the perfect choice for accenting stationery, logos, invitations, and more.

tree free photoshop nature brush sets

Nature Photoshop Brush FAQs

  • What do nature brushes in Photoshop offer?
    Nature brushes are designed to create natural elements like trees, leaves, grass, clouds, and more. They help you add outdoor and environmental textures to your digital artwork.
  • Who would benefit from using these nature brushes?
    They’re perfect for graphic designers, digital artists, illustrators, or anyone who wants to use natural elements into their digital creations.
  • Are these free nature brushes of good quality?
    Yes, these free brushes are of excellent quality, offering a wide range of realistic and artistic natural effects for free.
  • Can I use these brushes in personal or commercial projects?
    Always review the license of each brush set. This will tell you whether they’re free for personal use, commercial use, or both.
  • How do I install these nature brushes in Photoshop?
    Download the brushes, open Photoshop, choose the Brush tool, and select Load Brushes from the menu. Then, you can start using your new nature brushes right away.

Flora & Fauna Brushes for Your Next Project

You don’t need to trek out into the wilds of the Internet to find the nature brushes you need for your next Photoshop project.

We’ve put this collection together to help you grab the brushes you need right here. And since they’re all free, you have no excuse but to try them all.

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