I’ve always appreciated logos as creative by-products of companies to present themselves visually – from simple vector graphics to intricate designs reminiscent of medieval coat-of-arms. Interestingly, logo design proves that human beings are indeed visual beings. We easily recognize something based on its color, shape, and orientation – once we see and experience something it’s likely that we’ll never forget it.

Well, the world as we see it is bland and boring. That’s why people – the creative and the misfits – recreate these logos into something humorous and witty. The logo parodies created by artists are often seen on different media but the bulk of them are stored online: A place where everyone can see, yet no one can remove.

So hate it or love it, there’s no denying that these funny logo parodies are products of equally creative people and they’re here to stay. Here’s a roundup of iconic and well-known logos parodied for your inspiration and for your entertainment:

Johnny Label

logo brand Johnny Label Parody

Johnny Label’s Striding Man logo is recognized as a brand of high-quality whiskey. The Striding Man’s forward walk reminds us of forward thinking and, after a few glasses, will keep you wobbling from your doorstep to your bed.

DreamWorks Animations

logo brand DreamWorks Animations

DreamWorks Animations logo features a child sitting on a crescent moon while fishing – this parody of the logo, however, is a reference to the Bleach anime series’ main antagonist and master manipulator (animator) within the series, SōsukeAizen.

L’Oreal Paris

logo brand LOreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is well-known for its hair and skin products, providing women confidence and youth. The parodied logo of L’Oreal, L’IreelApparence means The Unreal Appearance in French.


logo brand Coca-Cola


The Coca-Cola Company is well-known for the dynamic ribbon and Spencerian script used in its logo. The company is also known for its HUGE budget when it comes to advertising – a whopping $2 billion for ad spending, now it’s time to open a bottle of coke and enjoy commercialism.


logo brand Apple

Apple’s design philosophy has always been about simplicity and functionality. You’ll see this design philosophy in all their products, from the very first iPod to the latest iPhone 4s. But, as you can see, getting all those features into one, solid block of technology costs a lot.


logo brand Hallmark

Hallmark is known for its heartwarming holiday greeting cards and for their tagline –”When you care enough to send the very best.” How about some negativity in that slogan to accompany our parodied Hallmark logo? “When you care enough to send the very worst.”


logo brand Carlsberg

Carlsberg’s known for its world-class beers with a supporting tagline: “Probably the best beer in the world.” This may also refer to the lager as the best source of calories per day.


logo brand Starbucks Parody

Stormtroopers are cloned from Jango Fett to become soldiers of the Imperial army and rule the galaxy. Starbucks took the concept of cloning by franchising their coffeehouse chain in Seattle to different cities in the US and increase their market power. World domination at work here, folks.


logo brand LG Parody

This parody of LG’s logo somehow coincides with the recent financial crisis: bankruptcy, huge lay-offs, and companies closing down – Life’s going to be tough indeed.


logo brand Windows Parody

If you’ve encountered a black screen of death (BSOD) before, you’d know that Windows works for a while then it will drop either the blue or black screen on you.


logo brand Facebook Parody

Every student or employee or any busy body with access to the interwebs knows that Facebook is equivalent to procrastination.


It’s always nice to have creative and humorous people creating graphic design for the public. We’ve been stuck deep into advertising and having parodies of these repetitive brands and advertising is a welcoming sight for everyone.