• Captain Kickarse

    facebook procrastination one is my favourite

  • Atq_e

    what is that font in the Facebook parody?

  • Nice post. I liked the last one and Apple’s logo

  • haha….nice list Man,,,, I absolutely agree with Apple logo :)

  • haha, the best is windows, Will Work For a While…

  • The Starbucks Star Wars is the best for me … brilliant :)

  • The one of LG is the best. Life’s tough Haha…

  • cormuch

    Same here, it gave me a good laugh haha :)

  • these are so like to be shared to my friends…

  • I will share these ;)

  • Great collection- I really like the Star Wars/ Starbucks send up.

  • AnneCoquilla

    .good for collections, just for fun.’ 

  • Isn’t it Blue Screen of Death?