10 Useful Google Docs Templates for Web & Mobile App Designers

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If I am honest, I don’t know how popular Google Docs is within the freelance community, but I have found that I have been using it a lot more recently. To the extent that I seem to have more documents stored online that on my hard drive and its one of the first places I go to when starting work in the morning.

I don’t use it solely for drafts of posts and articles, but I also use it to manage my spreadsheets, create invoices, I even use it store code snippets, blog post templates and everything else in-between.

Whereas Open Office and Microsoft Office are fantastic and powerful productivity suite options for any business, I find they are a little bit too much for what I need. I like simplicity and speed; perhaps that is why I rely on Google Docs as much. With recent advances to its spreadsheets feature, its improved document editing, and formatting, it useful collaboration features and with the recent addition of Drawings (a collaborative drawing app), perhaps Google Docs would be better suited to your needs as well.

In this article, you will find a selection of Google Docs templates, freely available from the Google Docs Directory, aimed at designers and developers. You will find some cool templates for wireframing and mockups, general spreadsheets templates, basic invoice and estimate templates, business planning documents, design brief docs and even an infographic toolbox. I hope you find them useful.

Wireframe Frontpage Template

Wireframe - Front Page

This wireframe template is of a typical website landing page. It includes all of the stencils you will need, like scrollbars, checkboxes and notes.

Wireframe Download Page →

Wireframe Product Details template

Wireframe: Product details

This template has been designed for wireframing product details on an e-commerce site. It also includes stencils, like scrollbars, checkboxes and notes.

Wireframe Product Details Download Page →

Mobile Phone Drill-Down Wireframe Template

Mobile Phone Drill-Down Wireframe

Mobile Phone Drill-Down Wireframe

A wireframe template for the characteristic iPhone-Like drill-down menu and details display. Includes stencils like scrollbars, checkboxes and notes.

Mobile Phone Drill-Down Wireframe Template Download Page →

Android Phones Stencils

Android Phones - G1 and Nexus1 Stencils

These Gdoc drawings are not meant to be perfectly to scale, just drawn by eye. You can use these phone objects as the background for messages or for mobile phone design mockups.

Android Phone Stencils Download Page →

Mobile iPhone Stencil

Mobile iPhone Stencil

A wireframe template for iPhone (touch) applications or websites. Includes stencils like scrollbars, checkboxes and notes.

Mobile iPhone Stencil Download Page →

Palm Pre Stencil

Palm Pre Stencil

WebOS Mojo UI widget stencils for Palm Pre (and Pre Plus) mobile device.

Palm Pre Stencil Download Page →

Flow Chart Templates

Flow Chart Template

This is a programming flow chart symbols template. It can be used for any process description or documentation.

Flow Chart Template Download Page →

Flowchart Stencil

Flowchart Stencil

This template reduces the amount of time to create great flowcharts by giving your the flowchart objects right next to the canvas. Simply copy and paste as many copies and ungroup to modify the labels.

Flowchart Stencil Download Page →

Infographics Toolbox

Infographics Toolbox

This infographic toolbox allows you to illustrate your data with your own custom graphs, charts, maps and more.

Infographics Toolbox Download Page →

Website Project Planning Template

Website Project Planning Template

This is a simple project planning and costing tool for website development
Website Project Planning Template Download Page →

Initial Consultation Template

Initial Consultation Template

This is a professional and detailed website development form for the initial client consultation.

Initial Consultation Template Download Page →

Web Design Estimate Form

Web Design Estimate Form

This is a very basic and unstyled web project estimate form.

Web Design Estimate Form Download Page →

Business Plan Template

Business Plan Template

This professional and very detailed business plan template would be ideal for any web or graphic design studio.

Business Plan Template Download Page →

Web Design Brief Template

Web Design Brief Template

Web Design Brief Template Download Page →


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