Impress Clients with Unlimited Presentation Templates

Life as a freelancer or small business owner can be hectic. Just getting your work done can be a challenge – let alone finding time to impress a current or prospective client.

Setting up a creative, modern, unique and professional presentation is both vitally important and often overlooked.

Unlimited - Presentation Templates

That’s why Unlimited – Presentation Templates is such a terrific resource. It’s a multipurpose presentation template that you can use with PowerPoint (a Keynote version is also available). Building new presentations (or editing existing ones) is easy, and it comes with documentation to help you every step of the way.

7 Reasons to Love Unlimited – Presentation Templates

Unlimited Graphic Library

The Unlimited – Presentation Templates comes packed with everything you need to create a beautiful and highly-functional presentation that your clients will love:

  1. Over 52,000 slides are available for use in your presentation. Each slide has documentation, making edits a breeze.
  2. Newly available is an awesome Icon & Graphic Library that contains over 1,100 icons and 380 graphics with many variants.
  3. Create presentations that look great on any device with the included 6 Aspect Ratio Templates, including: 4:3, 16:9, 19:6, A4 (landscape and portrait) and widescreen.
  4. All templates are Ready to Print, so you can easily distribute hardcopies at meetings, etc.
  5. Get your point across using Industry Infographics. 50 slides from 7 categories (finance, computer, education, energy, medical, nature and construction) are available for use.
  6. Illustrate your ideas with 136 Diagrams and Chart Slides from 13 different categories and 63 types of graphics.
  7. Match your brand with 12 Premade Color Combinations in both dark and light versions. There are 70 XML files included for further tweaking.

Create with Ease

Unlimited – Presentation Templates is Drag & Drop Picture Ready, so you can add your own photos and graphics to make your presentation unique.

With Editable Objects and Elements, all project assets are editable. You can rearrange object layers and, since all assets are vector-based, resizing is a piece of cake.

The Editable Data Charts can be changed using Microsoft Excel.

Get Creative!

Get Creative with Unlimited - Presentation Slides

With a resource like Unlimited – Presentation Templates, you no longer need to create bland presentations using standard templates. This package gives you everything you need to quickly create a presentation that will knock your client’s socks off!

Grab your copy of Unlimited – Presentation Templates today and make your statement.