Kinetic Typography: Design in Motion


As a graphic design blogger, I subscribe to Google Alerts for such terms as “typography”, and practically daily, a post pops up containing “kinetic typography” in the headline. Is this a new trend?

Kinetic typography is defined by Wikipedia as “an animation technique mixing motion and text”. Designers will either use software such as After Effects or Apple Motion to produce this flawless and at time hypnotic typography technique.

Its popularity has been rising rapidly, prompting Vimeo to create an entire channel dedicated to it. Videos include motion typography to go along with, for example, famous movie monologues.

Below you will find six beautifully crafted examples of kinetic typography:

Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography by Jacob Gilbreath

Oklahoma State student Jacob Gilbreath created this video using Illustrator and After Effects. The dialogue is Conan O’Brien’s poignant speech during his final episode of “The Tonight Show.”

Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography

I could listen to comedic actor Stephen Fry read a milk carton, so to hear him discussing the importance of grammar, accompanied by a little Helvetica, delighted me.

North by Northwest Title Sequence Project

This video is a homage to the famous North by Northwest title sequence. If you would like to view the original North by Northwest, designed by Saul Bass, title sequence click here: Title Sequence of North by Northwest.

The 8 rules of Fight Club – Kinetic Typography

What I like about this video discussing the rules of “Fight Club” is there is more than just motion typography going on – the pulverized background conveys the violent theme of the movie.

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