No to the Cookie Law

A newly launched site has dubbed the upcoming EU Cookie Law “ridiculous,” echoing the sentiments of a growing number of voices across the internet. As these protests grow louder, No Cookie Law aims to raise awareness of the EU cookie law and hopefully increase the chance of changes being made.

No Cookie Law

No Cookie Law is the brainchild of the rising advocate Silktide who had previously brought us a video summarizing the law in under three minutes, and has a newer (albeit slightly longer) video on the No Cookie Law site. Here it is:

As a UK-based site, Speckyboy stands firmly in support of these efforts. As regulations grow while the government continues to intrude into the information economy, the importance of awareness shouldn’t be denied. If you support this campaign, please do take some time to sign Silktide’s petition.


  • oliveremberton

    By the way – as the creator of that video I’m curious about your comment “albeit slightly longer”.

    The new video is just 1 second longer than the old one! But quite a few people have said similar things. I wonder if it just feels longer for some reason? 

  • Its159am

    “Please let met set some cookies.” Other than that little typo, great video!

  • Not4bidden

    What If your servers are in US and you block the EU users from accessing?