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30 Powerful & Compelling Public Awareness Print Ads

on Inspiration

Public awareness print ads are presented to maintain or improve the understanding of a community. They can persuade people to either contribute a dollar or change lifestyles altogether. For most organizations, raising consciousness is one of the most difficult tasks. Therefore, imaginative minds, who can come up with intriguing concepts, are always in demand.

If you are embarking on a mission to create public awareness prints, remember that your designs must have a sense of urgency and encourage people to ponder on the subject. The effectiveness of your ads is only proven when they start appealing to people’s emotions and are retained in their minds; so before you start on those provocative designs, try to get an idea of what you really need to do. This post showcases 30 public awareness print ads that will give you a taste of what is truly compelling!

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Fossil – Help us to clean the ocean

Print Ad - Fossil

Fan and Tsunami Painting – If not in use, turn it off

Print Ad - Fan and Tsunami Painting

Don’t kill blockbusters. Choose original DVDs over pirated ones.

Print Ad - Shrek Under Pirated DVD

Save lives. Stub it out.

Print Ad - Stub

The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.

Print Ad - Airplanes

Help before it’s too late

Print Ad - Graveyard

Exploiting the ecosystem also threatens human lives

Print Ad - Disappearing Shark

A spark is all it takes

Print Ad - Match

Indifference kills

Print Ad - Social Grave

Over 50% of all suicides are committed by senior citizens

Print Ad - Hangman Crochet

2.7 million children in Egypt don’t have a childhood

Print Ad - Egyptian Boy

Education is the only way out

Print Ad - Tea Estate Maze

Don’t treat Diabetes to your heart

Print Ad - Melting Ice Cream Heart

If the tree falls, we all fall

Print Ad - Tree Carrying the World

After the coral reefs completely vanish, humankind will be next

Print Ad - Human Arms Corals

We can’t do it ourselves

Print Ad - Child on a Toy Backhoe

Without your support, his fight is already lost

Print Ad - Old Man Carrying a Bazooka Carpet

Sleepiness is stronger than you

Print Ad - Droopy Eye Accident

The faster you go, the faster you arrive there

Print Ad - Coffin Pedal

If you want a stronger marriage, work on it together

Print Ad - Me to We

Children can be cruel. Teach them that animals have feelings, too

Print Ad - Injured Animal Lego

European Car Free Day

Print Ad - Bicycle with Panda

Make time for your kids while they’re still kids

Print Ad - Grown Man on a Baby Carriage

Today is the World No Tobacco Day. But it shouldn’t just be today.

Print Ad - Burnt Calendar Dates

Old clothes still can warm many people. This winter, donate.

Print Ad - Stacked Clothes Fireplace

Your hands can be dangerous

Print Ad - Monster Hands

All the birds returning again

Print Ad - Captured Birds

Ashes to Ashes: Philip Morris and Philip (Non Smoking Generation)

Print Ad - Ashes

Today 85,000 Belgians won’t remember what they read in their newspaper

Print Ad - Erased News

Rebuild the children

Print Ad - Haitian Children

Looking through bars hurts

Print Ad - Bars

Still there are countries that punish internet free expression

Print Ad - Imprisoned Emoticon

Potty train your e-waste

Print Ad - Robot Potty