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The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

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As graphic designers, it is so important for us to always keep learning in order to stay at the top of our game. Outside of classes, and actual on-the-job learning, there are many outlets for us to teach ourselves new tricks. One of my favorite new places to go for a bi-weekly dose of design inspiration, education, and yes – entertainment – is a fairly new podcast available on iTunes called The Deeply Graphic DesignCast.

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

The Details

Started around the beginning of this year by The Deep End design studio in Los Angeles, Deeply Graphic is a podcast with a mission: to educate designers in an informal, conversational way. Each episode runs anywhere from 30-60 minutes and covers a single design-related topic.
So far, covered topics include online portfolios, fixed vs. hourly pricing, and web design trends for 2012. There are three hosts, Wes McDowell, Brandon Voss and Mikelle Morrison, all of whom come from different design backgrounds. This makes for some interesting and lively conversation, because we as listeners get a nice mixture of viewpoints on any given topic. So far, there has been a new episode released just about every 2 weeks, usually on Mondays. The podcast is free to subscribe to on iTunes.

The Format

In addition to the topic of the day, the Deeply Graphic crew takes turns answering a question sent in by a listener. They usually do a very thorough job of this, and again, this is where the differing viewpoints really make things interesting. They then round out the show in a segment they call “Do Yourself a Favor,” in which Wes, Mikelle and Brandon each offer a random tip they discovered within the past week that has made their design lives easier.

The Review

I discovered Deeply Graphic in a graphic design forum, and it sounded like a cool idea, and something that I might really enjoy listening to for educational purposes. And I do. The thing I didn’t count on was that it is actually very entertaining at the same time. I get excited whenever I see a new episode listed, because as trite as it sounds, listening is like having a great conversation with friends about a topic I love talking about. After listening to 8 episodes, I feel like I know these guys, and the best part is, I know that I am going to learn something from them every time.

While Deeply Graphic may hold the most surface appeal for newbie designers, there really is something for everybody here. Younger designers will love it because it covers so many practical topics they they just don’t teach in school. More experienced designers such as myself will love it because it makes you think of things in new ways. For instance, in episode 5, titled “Fixed vs. Hourly Pricing For Designers,” the three hosts all had differing views on which was the better way to price themselves, and the points they brought up actually inspired me to reconsider my own pricing structure that I had been using for years. That’s the beauty of this podcast. They don’t tell you what to do. In fact, in most cases, they disagree about how to handle certain situations, but just in listening to their opinions, you begin to form one for yourself.

All three hosts are very knowledgable and they have a very natural chemistry. Even though the podcast is relatively new, you get the sense that Wes, Mikelle and Brandon are actually friends. They joke with each other, and the mixture of information and levity is refreshing. Since they have such differing backgrounds and areas of expertise, each will step forward to lead the conversation at different points, depending on who has the most experience with the given topic.

All things considered, The Deeply Graphic DesignCast is a gem of a podcast for designers of all stripes – new, experienced, freelance or corporate. It is always thoughtful and never condescending, and even if you don’t agree with the viewpoints expressed, it will at the very least encourage you to think of what you already know in a new way.

Have you listened to the show? What do you think about it?

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