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How to Create Amazing Page Effects with jQuery UI Animations

If you’re familiar developing in JavaScript then you must know about jQuery. It’s an extremely powerful library allowing you to write much simpler code and express the same end result….


How to Make Any Website Responsive

According to Verisign’s Domain Name Industry Brief for 2013, it is estimated that 85% of all .com and .net TLDs (top-level domains) have websites: that’s over 100 million websites [being…


10 Free Portfolio & Lookbook Templates for Adobe InDesign

These free InDesign portfolio templates are certain to appeal to a wide audience all while offering a convenient and beautiful way of presenting your work.


Building a Simple Reddit API Webapp using jQuery

The growing number of 3rd party APIs have created a tremendous group of enthusiastic developers. But without time to research documentation, this leaves some people curious without any means to…


jQuery 2.0 Has Just Been Released – Smaller, Faster and Better Than Ever

Yes, that’s right folks. jQuery 2.0 was released earlier today and the new version is now smaller, faster and better than ever. What changes have been made? Well, for a…


The jQuery Foundation Relaunches the jQuery Plugin Registry

Currently, the jQuery project provides powerful back-end components for developers, but those seeking new plugins are forced to explore a multitude of different sources. On Wednesday, the jQuery Foundation relaunched…


Our 50 Favorite Web Development Resources from 2012

Let’s keep it simple: last year, we did a roundup of 50 of the most useful web development resources. Today, we bring to you the 2012 edition, but only better….


Dynamic Open Source JavaScript Libraries for Web Projects

The open source movement has created a sea of new code libraries to work with. You can’t search through Google without finding a heap of new open source projects based…


Coding a Vimeo API Instant Search App with jQuery

Web developers and Internet enthusiasts alike are very fond of online video services. One social video website Vimeo is a great example of how HD content can be stored and…


Microsoft TypeScript: “Syntactic Sugar” For JavaScript

Are you involved in application-level development using JavaScript? If so, this news might interest you! A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a new JavaScript-like programming language named TypeScript. At its…


How to Build a ToDo Application with Web SQL and jQuery