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Minimal Design


40 Beautifully Designed Minimal Movie Posters

Movie posters are not only a great promotional and advertising tool for the movie industry, but they are also great memorabilia for any true movie buff out there. Movie poster…


20 Beautifully Minimalist Music Posters

Minimalism as a concept means breaking things down to their very basic concepts. Extra noise, backgrounds, and even emotions are removed or toned down. This doesn’t mean that the results…


10 Free Portfolio & Lookbook Templates for Adobe InDesign

These free InDesign portfolio templates are certain to appeal to a wide audience all while offering a convenient and beautiful way of presenting your work.


Fantastic Examples of DC & Marvel Superhero Minimalist Posters

Previously we brought you the minimalist Helvetica Super Hero poster series and today, we have another series of beautifully designed DC & Marvel Superhero Minimalist Posters for you. Designed by…


Taking Full Advantage of Minimalism in Web Design

Minimalism is all over the web these days, and for good reason. Its lightweight layouts and low maintenance make it flexible for responsive design, and its natural elegance is sought…


Skymetrics – Contrasting Minimal Urban Photography with a Beautiful Blue Sky

Neapolitan designer Lino Russo has recently published a photography series entitled Skymetrics. The project contrasts modern geometric, colorful architecture with a beautiful clear blue sky. The results are simply breathtaking….


Flat Design vs Minimalism

Flat Design. It’s everywhere these days. The newest, highly influential release of iOS 7 for the iPhone has got even non-design lovers talking about it. But many people seem to…


Superhero Shadows – A Dark & Minimal Poster Series

You will have probably realized by now that here at Speckyboy we really do love superhero and pop-culture art. So it will not be much of a surprise to you…


Designing For Human Limitations: A Scientific Perspective on Minimal Design

Quick, try to recall the last five seconds that just passed as accurately as you can. What’s that, you can’t? Well, that means that you are just like the rest…


Is Minimal Design the Best Strategy for Your Site?

One of the buzzwords of modern marketing or design work is “understanding your customers.” Before you jump on board with a trend or design style, it’s good to research how…


The Minimalist Trend in Graphic Design

Our rendering technology is unthinkable, yet we still study Mondrian. Great minimalist work is striking, elegant, and classic. Within the colorful world of advertising, a minimalist ad stands out from…


Helvetica Superheroes – A Minimalist Alphabet of Superheroes