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Minimal Design


The 20+ Best Free Minimal Themes for WordPress

If you’re looking for a free theme that will let your visitors focus on content, a minimal WordPress theme is just what you need. Here are the best of them.


30 Beautifully Minimal High-Resolution Desktop Wallpapers

We have curated the best minimal desktop wallpapers for you. Scroll through them all, download your favorite, and enjoy the calming effect!


6 Free Animated Typefaces for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we’ve gathered the best animated typefaces for After Effects that you can download and start using in your projects now.


The Beauty of Ultra-Minimal Web Design

With ultra-minimal web design, every pixel has to be carefully arranged. They tend to be beautiful, take a look at this inspiring collection for yourself!


50 Beautiful Examples of Minimalism in Modern Web Design

All designers have different interpretations of what minimal web design truly is, but most would agree that the purpose of an effective minimally designed web page is to layout the…


7 Free Collections of Minimally Designed Logo Templates

We have collected the best minimally designed logo templates that can be used for free on both your personal and commercial projects.


50 Simplistic & Minimal Fashion Label Logo Designs

Logo design is undoubtedly highly significant to a fashion label, one look at a logo and all of the brand ideals should rush to mind. Interlinking C’s means Chanel, interlocking…


15 Beautifully Designed Free Minimal Ghost Themes

All of these free Ghost themes embody everything that the CMS represents – beautifully simple themes that purely focus on your content.


20 Fantastic Free Fonts for Minimal Design

No matter what type of minimalist design you’re working on, a great font will help you round out the design and make all the elements come together in a harmonious…


The 20 Best Clean & Minimal Presentation Templates for Powerpoint & Keynote

There are numerous presentation templates available for both PowerPoint and Keynote. They will all speed up the presentation design process but not all will be designed with the latest design…


30 Beautifully Designed Minimal Movie Posters

We’ve collected the best minimally re-designed movie posters from all over the web. Use them as inspiration for your own minimal design projects.


40 Stunning Minimalist Print Ads for Your Inspiration