30 Examples of Beautiful Typography in Print Ads


When it comes to advertising, what’s being said can be a bit less important than how it’s said. In no case is this truer than in the case of typography based advertisements, which are common in print advertising and gaining popularity even in television and other video mediums.

Typography can do everything from adding meaning to drawing attention, and using it right can mean the difference between mediocrity and stardom in the world of advertising. In this post, we take a look at some of the most striking examples of typography in print ads from around the world.

Aasra Suicide Prevention Helpline – Depression

You’ll notice the clever use of visual pun, this is an ideal way for a print ad to say everything in just one image.

The Aasra Suicide Prevention Helpline Depression inspirational Typography in Print Ads

Webber Wentzel Attorneys – Boxer

From small text to large and bold text, you cab see with this ad how important typography can be.

The Webber Wentzel Attorneys Boxer inspirational Typography in Print Ads

GreenMovie Sound Dept. – Watch the sound, 2

Here, you notice loads of typography used for emphasis. Demonstrating that no matter what type of print ad you need to create, you should consider typography an indispensable element of the ad rather than merely text.

The GreenMovie Sound Dept Watch the sound, 2 inspirational typography print ads

McDonald’s McFlurry – Mona

Mix your own McFlurry – Choose between Cornetto, Daim, Kit Kat, Smarties, Caramel, Strawberry and Chocolate Sauce. McDonald’s – I’m lovin’ it.

The McDonald's McFlurry Mona inspirational typography print ads

Ben & Jerry’s – Giraffe

Choosing a suitable typeface for a project is critical, as is considering the message you would like to communicate, the "consumer" we want to reach and the tone we want to impress.

The Ben Jerry's - Giraffe inspirational typography print ads

US Preventive Medicine / The Prevention Plan – Scorpion

The US Preventive Medicine / The Prevention Plan - Scorpion inspirational typography print ads


We see perhaps an overuse of text in this ad. Different variation of size, style and of course color create distinction where the typography could have been a bit unexciting and monotonous.

The PS2 - Girlfriend, 1 inspirational typography print ads

PS2 – Girlfriend, 2

Second version of PS2’s girlfriend ad, where we see again an overuse of text saved by variation in size, style and color to create the distinction.

The PS2 - Girlfriend, 2 inspirational typography print ads

Pivot Boutique – Karma

The weirdness of this ad makes it memorable. After all, making a lasting impression is what every ad strives for.

The Pivot Boutique - Karma inspirational typography print ads

Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers – England

With the number of ads that have already been made, originality is hard to come by. This print ad successfully conveys its originality and novelty though.

The Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers - England inspirational typography print ads

Inlingua – Business English

This is an original print campaign where you can see the designers use of balanced typography to create an illusion.

The Inlingua - Business English inspirational typography print ads

MTV – Happy End

In print ads, a striking image is great at catching viewers’ eyes. However, since it’s an ad it demands that all compulsory text be crammed into the composition, as well.

The MTV - Happy End inspirational typography print ads

Amnesty International – Ted Bundy

Another innovative use of the typography based print ad that stands out mainly because of its extreme creativity.

The Amnesty International - Ted Bundy inspirational typography print ads

Brighton Language School – Espanol

Different kinds of ads call for different amounts of text. It’s somewhat surprising to see how versatile minimal text patterns can be. It’s just the thing you need to get people’s attention right away.

The Brighton Language School - Espanol inspirational typography print ads

Smarties Campaign

Using the perfect typography in a web design or print ad may seem very easy to learn at a glance, but actually mastering it takes a lot of practice. It’s worth it though, because it can be the thing that really makes or breaks a design.

The Smarties Campaign inspirational Typography in Print Ads

Orange – SMS

This creative print ad clearly states that text messaging while driving will prevent you see what you actually need to see. It’s dangerous, and this ad communicates that perfectly.

The Orange - SMS inspirational Typography in Print Ads

Volkswagen Polo – Percent

Here, we see how text elements can be creatively placed to convey a totally different message. Quite impressive and visually alluring.

The Volkswagen Polo - Percent inspirational Typography in Print Ads

Voyages-Sncf.com – Other time

The Visual of this print ad is exceptionally good. However the subliminal message is most likely saying that this voyage is dreadfully risky and chances are that someone can understand it the other way around.

The Voyages-Sncf.com - Other time inspirational typography print ads

Amnesty International – Leg

This print advertisement with its brilliant use of typography clearly shows what happens when you lose something, and the things that you can no longer do are clear.

The Amnesty International - Leg inspirational typography print ads

Mountain Dew

Typography plays a big role in this concept. It really grabs the attention and makes people want to read.

The Mountain Dew inspirational typography print ads

United Nations Population Fund – Population day

This brilliant concept has been designed for United Nations Population Fund to create awareness of the overly populated world.

The United Nations Population Fund - Population day inspirational typography print ads

Hahn Nitzsche Recording Studios – Kaffee

This ad is a bit difficult to read and comprehend as it’s quite messy. It’s an outstanding design though that makes people want to work to read it.

The Hahn Nitzsche Recording Studios - Kaffee inspirational typography print ads

Hahn Nitzsche Recording Studios – Jeans

Same approach has been taken in this ad as that of the previous one. Messy but excellent design.

The Hahn Nitzsche Recording Studios - Jeans inspirational typography print ads

Mitchell Eye Centre – Trash

With such a creative use of typography, you can land within people’s interest and concentration.

The Mitchell Eye Centre - Trash inspirational typography print ads

Appy Fizz, Grappo Fizz – True Love

So, would you also like to answer this question? For Appy Fizz lovers, their true love is Appy Fizz.

The Appy Fizz, Grappo Fizz - True Love inspirational typography print ads

Harley Davidson Nightster – Horsemen

Innovative and unique typography can be viewed here. The whole impression has been created without any aid of the visual element.

The Harley Davidson Nightster - Horsemen inspirational typography print ads

Discovery Channel – Life

Here the Discovery Channel has designed a print ad to portray what they broadcast. The word “Life” has been made prominent in the whole ad.

The Discovery Channel - Life inspirational typography print ads

Everlast – Persevere

This is quite interesting and a visually alluring print ad that displays a bold use of typography. Overall, a very good design with an intelligent use of typography.

The Everlast - Persevere inspirational typography print ads

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