WordCamp hits the Netherlands this weekend

WordCamp Netherlands will feature a lineup of experts on WordPress, Social Media, SEO, and Performance including our very own Andy Killen. While it’s hosted in the Netherlands, many of the talks will be in English for the speaker’s convenience.

WordCamp Netherlands

Saturday (March 24th) will open the event with a series of talks on WordPress! A full program of Saturdays events are available on their website. Saturday’s high point is likely to be the SEO talk by Joost de Valk.

On Sunday (March 25th), talks will include such highlights as our very own CTO Andrew Killen’s talk on website performance optimization and Rogier Mostert on social network integration. Again, the full schedule for day 2 is available online.

The conference will be held at Seats2Meet in Utrecht, lasting until around 5pm on Sunday. If you’re available, stop in and say hi!


  • Andy

    Just had a very successful presentation at WordCamp Netherlands. really very happy with the response from the people who listened, especially the clap at the end. Very loud indeed. Thanks to all that came and listened.

  • Chantal

    Thanks for being with us! Unfortunately we didn’t meet each other. Maybe next year!

  • Andy

    Cool.  I’m definitely up for presenting again next year.  Next time I think it would be good to give a technical presentation on hardening wordpress.  

    I understand from the feedback and the amount of people in the room that it was a well received presentation.