Breaking the Norm: Unusual and Creative Web Layouts

Web design does not have to be limited to a typical grid structured layout. It sometimes feels like we are locked in an endless cycle of header, content, sidebar and footer. That is it. It would be great if we could to tear away from convention sometimes and also force ourselves to break some usability rules. Just imagine what we could create.

In today’s post we have for you a selection of sites that do exactly as described above: they break convention and the result is that they have built some amazingly creative web layouts which, in most cases anyway, are a little unusual as well.

The Secret Location

The Secret Location presents their work by creating the story of a character who follows a strange path to the secret location. Extremely synergistic approach with an extraordinary site layout.

Marshall Haber

This Flash site uses a subway map as a preloader and once it has loaded you’ll be amazed at the detail and creativity of its design and highly original navigation.

Grzegorz Kozak

Very intriguing and interactive layout that presents a beautiful background image of a tower. Clicking on the top menu will take you to the relevant section on the page.

Accept Joel

This horizontal scrolling portfolio website has a unique navigation that asks you to choose from one of five steps that will then scroll to the relevant page.


I love this website. The carefully placed navigation elements have a beautiful mouse over effect and sound. You can drag and drop the elements and can click on each to further explore the site.

Get London Reading

This layout has been designed as though you’re reading a book while sitting in a park.

Basil gloo

The center part of this website is what that make it stand out from the rest. The eye-catching green carpet looks terrific.


Full of beautiful and vivid colors that grab the attention and develop your interest in the website to browse further.

Dave Werner

This portfolio site make use of a ‘scrap-book styled’ content area that allows you to explore the portfolio in a unique way.

Pretty Production

A very unusual, colorful and creative layout with horizontal scrolling.

Rich Brown

This website is equally divided into two parts. One is completely static with a very nice background image while the other part is scrollable with different tiles where you can click on to browse further.

Matthias Dittrich

You will love browsing through this truly interactive design portfolio site. Simply drag in to scroll.

Real Visuals

With this site, you will discover lots of interactive design elements that add beauty and originality.

Play Jambalaya

An iOS word game app website with bizarre color contrast and some unique interactive elements.


This website has been designed to give you the impression that you are flipping through a personal diary.

Gavin Castleton

This site has been designed to highlight the split personality of each of the musicians albums. Simply choose the album or personality you would like to explore.

Samsung Mobile

This impressive website is easy to use, although it can at times be confusing as new elements are brought in.


This is a fantastic site with creativity brimming from all angles. The navigation is hidden behind the glass panels of the entertainment center.



This site has been designed to give you the impression you are walking into a generic McDonalds outlet.

Loysels Toy


This dark site, on first load, presents itself with an almost blank layout. But when you move your mouse over the red blocks the attractive navigation appears and brings the site to life.


Tri Win

The background image of this site completely fits the company, which offers mailing services.


Typically the navigation is positioned in either the sidebar or at the top of a site. Classicwfl takes a different route. The non-linear layout breaks past a typical boxy structure and offers something completely original.

Team Viget

Viget Labs uses a sliding navigation and a horizontal scrolling effect to make the user interaction more vibrant and interesting. However, even more outstandingly, the layout itself stands out: the layout is indistinguishable and resembles interactive Flash-interfaces.

Kamil Gottwald

In his layout Kamil Gottwald allows users to determine the width of the sites columns. To navigate vertically users require scrolling horizontally. Consequently no vertical scrollbar is needed. Multiple site views are possible.

Jeremy Levine Design


This website presents the different components of web application development as different ingredients of a recipe. Nice touch.


Self Titled

Self Titled presents a single big circle at the center of the page. Clicking anywhere on the ring will reveal the actual component and clicking on the plus sign will further reveal content.

Agency Net

A very interesting site to browse. Simply click on the section you want to browse.

Elite Webmaster

A somewhat similar approach to that of Agency Net above. You can scroll up and down and click on each section for further information.


Here you will come to see a very different style of navigation. The mouse over effect is as though you are moving a pencil on a paper. Simply click on the sub-menu to explore further.