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About: Sara is the Editor for, an online printing service based in Minnesota, and a contributor to the blog. In her spare time, she also works as a freelance copywriter and photographer.

10 Tips to Help Resolve Creative Conflicts

Collaboration is how things are accomplished these days. With collaboration, we can reach incredible creative heights. To get there, though, sometimes we have to slog through conflicts due to incompatible expectations and creative differences. More often than not, the key to resolving these problems is focusing on communication. Making sure that everyone is on the right page and has an…


Tips for Finding Flow

It’s late in the day and you’re working hard on a project. Hours have seemingly flown by in a flash. You haven’t eaten anything since this morning, but you don’t really feel hungry. The only times you’ve moved have been to refill your coffee and even as you are pouring a cup, your mind is churning over this project –…


Collaboration Between Designers and Copywriters

Once upon a time, the assembly line revolutionized productivity. Instead of one worker or a small team performing all the steps to create a product, each person specialized in one task, did their job and sent the work down the line for the next person to do their part. The assembly line was a great invention – for manufacturing. Though…