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The Google Maps Santa Tracker

The whereabouts of good ol’ SantaClaus are always a matter of mystery and suspense, especially when it comes to Christmas time. After all, Saint Nick does not check in much on social networks. Well, all of this is about to change, courtesy of the Google Santa Tracker. Since 2004, Google had the privilege of tracking Santa’s path as a collaborative…


Pixels of Fury: Seattle

A traveling competition of graphic designers, AIGA and Shutterstock created Pixels of Fury to challenge regional artists to face off in a two round competition with only one person being crowned local Pixels of Fury champion. With six local designers nominated by the local AIGA chapter, on the 15th of November, they enter round one with limited direction; only requested…


Microsoft TypeScript: “Syntactic Sugar” For JavaScript

Are you involved in application-level development using JavaScript? If so, this news might interest you! A few weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a new JavaScript-like programming language named TypeScript. At its most basic level, TypeScript operates by translating code into JavaScript (that enables its apps to run in any browser). The language itself is pretty similar to JavaScript in terms of…