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Every Sunday we publish our Weekly News for Designers – a collection of the latest web design resources, learning guides, opinionated views, and free UI tools, that have all been either released or published the previous week.

The design community and web technologies move very quickly, and our weekly news is the best way to be kept in the loop.


Weekly News for Designers № 419

This week’s Designer News (N.419) includes a Sketch Plugin for Gifs & Videos, Monitoring Unused CSS, a CSS Cheat Sheet, Instagram Filters in Pure CSS, 10 Must-Read Design Books, 2017 Design Tools Survey, Lots of Freebies and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 418

This week’s Designer News (N.418) includes From Bootstrap to CSS Grid, Favorite Front-End Tools of 2017, Bob Ross Lipsum, Learn CSS Grid for Free, the Best and Worst Identities of 2017, a Free Icon Set, Fictional Logos and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 417

This week’s Designer News (N.417) includes The Basic Principles of Visual Design, Top 10 Web Design Trends From 2017, Using SVG to Create a Duotone Effect on Images, Open Source Design Blocks, Creating Pure CSS Images, Predicting UI/UX Trends for 2018 and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 416

This week’s Designer News (N.416) includes The State of JavaScript 2017, an Accessible Modal Window, Learn About Design Principles, 30 Seconds of Code, a Hexagonal Lattice Grid, a React Starter Kit, Free iOS 11 Goodies and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 415

This week’s Designer News (N.415) includes Animation for Seamless Page Transitions, The Frontend Job Interview Preparation Guide, WordPressify, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines—for People Who Haven’t Read Them, Responsive / Sortable / Filterable / Draggable Grid Layouts, Best Practices for Site Search Design, The Ultimate UX Guide to Color Design and more.

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Weekly News for Designers № 414

This week’s Designer News (N.414) includes An Idea for a Simple Responsive Spreadsheet, a Design Systems Handbook, Getting Started with CSS Grid Layout, Animate Plus, a Fast PNG Minifier, The Design Director, 50 Free Christmas Templates & Resources for Designers and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 413

This week’s Designer News (N.413) includes Designercize, a Mobile Library for Parsing After Effects Animations, a Pocket Guide to Creativity, HTML5 Form Validation, Optimizing SQL Queries, 9 Must-Have Firefox Extensions, a Free Photo Bundle, The Cost of JS, a Free iOS 11 UI Kit and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 412

This week’s Designer News (N.412) includes Launching the new Firefox into the World, The UX Sales Deck, Text input highlight – TripAdvisor style, How to use SVG as a Placeholder (and Other Image Loading Techniques), The Metropolis Typeface and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 411

This week’s Designer News (N.411) includes IBM’s New Typeface, The Contrast Swap Technique,, a Sketch Syntax Highlighter, The Modern Web Design Process, Flexbox and Grids, Over 4,500 Free SVG Icons and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 410

This week’s Designer News (N.410) includes Responsive Screenshots, Better Focus Styling, an Open Source Markup Language for Responsive Email, a Chrome Plugin that Lets You See Through a PWD’s Eyes, Bootstrap 4 Buffet, Unlocking the Benefits of CSS Variables, a Pure CSS Game and more.