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WordPress Plugins


8 WordPress Plugins for Providing Customer Support

We have a fantastic selection of support-related plugins to choose from. Everything from building a knowledgebase or FAQ, to full-blown ticketing systems.


Diving into WordPress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

With custom post types and taxonomies you can create highly-specific ways of organizing content. We show you how you can use them in your own projects.


6 Free Animated Typefaces for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we’ve gathered the best animated typefaces for After Effects that you can download and start using in your projects now.


8 Powerful Plugins That Turn WordPress into an LMS

We introduce you to a variety of fantastic WP plugins that will take your standard WordPress install and transform it into an educational powerhouse.


10 Totally Free WordPress Backup Solutions

A WordPress site can break at any time and for any number of reasons. Don’t leave things to chance. These free WordPress plugins will help to keep your site backed up and safe.


10 Best Free Security Plugins for WordPress

It’s become absolutely imperative for WordPress site owners take extra security measures. Thankfully, there are a plethora of free plugins out there that will harden WordPress and provide you with an extra layer of protection.


How to Update WordPress Themes and Plugins with a ZIP File

We take you through the fairly simple process of updating your WordPress website’s themes and plugins using only a ZIP file.


8 Resources to Help Web Designers with GDPR Compliance

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a bit (and even then, the news would probably still reach you), you know that GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) is…


10 Free WordPress Plugins for Extending BuddyPress and bbPress

Extending BuddyPress & bbPress with this selection of free plugins will bring even more functionality and make your site into a real online community hub.


Signs Your WordPress Website Has Outgrown Its Hosting

How do you know when a hosting change is needed – or at least something you should consider? Today, we share a few signs that will clue you in.


10 Free Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

We’ve curated a comprehensive collection of free WordPress plugins that will help you display and edit code within your articles, beautifully, and make it look as clean and as easy to read as possible.


The Grumpy Designer’s WordPress Plugin Pet Peeves