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When customers arrive at a new website, they’re going to make the decision to dig deeper or leave in a matter of seconds. That’s why so many businesses — especially those with complex products or those that are operating in a crowded market — are spending so much time on developing engaging landing pages. More often than not, businesses are turning to landing videos to explain their services, establish expertise, brand, and develop an instant relationship with the consumer. We’ve culled the web for tips and examples of businesses that are crushing it with video, so that you can do the same.

5. Dropbox

The cloud may be all over the place now, but it wasn’t when Dropbox first arrived on the market. That’s why when you load the Dropbox page, you get not just a deeper look into the site, but an engaging video that clearly covers questions that many people have about cloud storage, and why Dropbox is the solution. The video manages to be educational without ever slipping into condescension, and uses anecdotes as an effective tool. On a visual level, the clean, white look is both contemporary and professional. The only thing I would change is perhaps adding a tag line somewhere for more information, and making that call to action, “Watch a video,” a little more interesting or product-specific.

4. Animoto

On the other end of the spectrum is the landing video for Animoto. This video is all about emotional connection and creating a human experience that helps consumers connect with the family on camera. That said, I’d like to see a little more value propositioning. I like that they have three columns with copy promising other features, like a referral program, mobile apps, and the ability to sell more, but I don’t have a clear sense from the movie of what the product actually is and how it’s different from other programs, like iMovie.

3. Intuit

Intuit’s landing video is another great example of a video that clearly explains the product through an engaging story. It’s easy to see how the product might benefit the consumer, and we’re rooting for the likable protagonists the whole time. The only problem here is that the video is tiny, and there’s no way to expand it. Unlike the Dropbox video, which works well as both a video and as an interesting image that draws visitors in, my eye only falls on the video as a secondary feature.

2. UPS

Most businesses know there’s no better way to build trust than by having someone a customer knows or admires recommend their product. But that’s hard for big businesses to do on an individual level, which is where social proof comes in. By showing that they have a special relationship with Zappos, a wildly popular and trusted business, UPS’s credibility and cool factor skyrocket. After all, if UPS can help Zappos achieve their 75% repeat customer rate, won’t they do the same for you?

The only issues with this video have to do with focusing the viewer’s attention, the background, while visually interesting as a landing page, is distracting while we’re watching the video. That’s easily fixed by dimming the background when the user loads the video.

1. Dollar Shave Club

If you haven’t seen the Dollar Shave Club video, you’re way behind the six million plus people who have viewed it before you. Dollar Shave Club has become a textbook example of all that a good landing video can be. It demonstrates value by breaking all the rules, mocking its competitors, being borderline un-PC, swearing – you name it. That gives this video a little thing called voice — pretty much the only thing that could make a company stand out in such a crowded market. Does anyone really need Dollar Shave Club? Probably not. But the hilarity of this video has helped convince a wide male audience to give it a whirl, just for the cool factor.

How To Make Your Own Awesome Landing Page

Meet Your Audience Where They are
If you’re creating a landing page, you need to know exactly who your audience is; are you marketing to a field full of novices who have never before seen the likes of a product like yours, or are you marketing to industry experts who will feel condescended to with elementary explanations? Knowing your audience will frame every aspect of your approach. That means knowing where they are emotionally, too. For example, new business owners like the ones featured in the Intuit video aren’t just looking for a payment system; they’re looking for tools and services that say, “Hey, we know you’re busy. We believe in you and we’ve got your covered.” It’s important to know not just what your customers say they want, but what they really need deep down.

Make It Visually Engaging
There’s no point in spending time and money on a landing video if it’s just going to be a few experts dulling up the screen. If you’re on a budget, use stock footage or stock photos to help illustrate complex processes or just to spice the video up. Remember that the landing video is a part of an entire landing page, so make that opening still shot engaging and well-integrated into the site design, while still popping off the page.

Explain Your Product and Service Thoroughly
This should go without saying, but by the end of the video, your viewer should have a clear sense of what your product is and how it applies to them. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting three minutes watching a video and still having no idea what’s on offer, even more so when there’s no supporting copy, or you have to sign up to learn more.

Have a Voice
If you take one lesson from Dollar Shave Club, it’s that the best landing videos have a clear perspective and voice. This is all the better for younger companies where that sassy, Internet humor is embedded in their DNA, but it’s just as important for more traditional b2b companies as they establish their expertise. The more distinctive your voice, the more you’ll stand out from competitors, the more business you’ll get.

Landing videos are fast becoming an essential part of any good landing page. No matter what your business or industry, getting creative and demonstrating your value in this format is key. So, get brainstorming, and get filming!

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