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7 Brilliant Minimalist Tumblr Themes

on Web Design

When I sat down to write this post, my first intention was to write about minimal design and how popular they have become over the last few years. Of course, I couldn’t do that without listing some clever examples. But while I was on the hunt for what to include in that list I got a message from a friend. She was looking for some Tumbler themes. So with Tumbler on the brain, we now have 7 incredible minimalist Tumbler themes!

If you aren’t familiar with Tumblr, it’s one of the big boys in the world of hosted micro-blogs. When Twitter doesn’t give you enough room to portray your message, but it’s not necessarily normal blog post length, it will fit perfectly into your Tumblr blog. You can post photos, quotes, text, videos or audio. You can post through your Tumblr dashboard, post with your phone, post through email or even with the desktop client. There are tons of things you can do with your Tumblr blog, including the use of customized themes.

Ok, you really just want to see the themes right? Here you go…

1. Ultralite


Ultralite has a very clean feel with abundant white space to showcase all your content. There’s a splash of orange to make links and titles stand out, which give it just the right amount of color.

Ultralite Download and Demo →

2. Whisper


If you like truly minimalist Tumbler themes, you’ll love Whisper. Whisper is exactly what this theme does. The text on the page is barely there unless you hover over it. Then it darkens to reveal the content more clearly.

Whisper Download and Demo →

3. Journal


The Journal theme boasts a clean black header that crowns your white space. Links are your traditional blue, leaving no distractions to the content you want the world to see. Talk about brilliant web design.
Journal Download and Demo →

4. Knight


The Knight Tumbler theme has an earthy, smooth feel to it. Of course it should if it was truly created by a leather maker as it says it is. The dark earthy boxes encompassed by perfectly clean lines slightly light up as you hover of them.

Knight Download and Demo →

5. Sleek


Sleek says it all. Lots of white space. A smooth blend at the top gives way to the simple black header. Beside each post you have a matte black Twitter icon.

Sleek Download and Demo →

6. Nine of Mine

Nine of Mine

Brilliantly classic. You get the expected white space we all love so dearly combined with bold, yet simple headlines. The first post of each day will have a light grey date next to your headline.

Nine of Mine Download and Demo →

7. Orange Peel

Orange Peel

If you love the look of minimalist designs but just can’t bring yourself to let go of the color, then Orange Peel may be the mother of web design for your Tumbler themes. Mostly black and white, this one has orange “peels” scattered throughout the theme. Notes, quotes, dates and links are all in a modern shade of orange.

Orange Peel Download and Demo →

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