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8 Free Pictogram Icon Libraries and Collections

on Icons & UI Design

A pictogram is a graphical symbol that can represent a sign, simple instructions or even an idea.In essence, pictograms area concept that has been stripped down to its bare essentials, yet still recognizable as the original idea.
Pictograms can be of help with usability and accessibility on your web site. It is a universal language, everyone understands and can read the icons.

50 Common Symbol Signs – DesignWorkPlan

Pictogram Libraries
This is a collection of 50 commonly used professionally designed signage symbols. The symbols signs are free of charge available as an OpenType font format, allowing you to easily add symbols and icons to your sign and wayfinding designs.
The pictograms are all commonly used signs for public services such as Toilets, Telephones, First Aid, Elevators, Information, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Smoking, Baby, Recycle Icon, Shower, Reception desk and much, much more.

50 Symbol Signs – AIGA

Pictogram Libraries
This system of 50 symbol signs was designed for use at the crossroads of modern life: in airports and other transportation hubs and at large international events. Produced through a collaboration between AIGA and the U.S. Department of Transportation, they are an example of how public-minded designers can address a universal communication need.
To develop such a system, AIGA and DOT. compiled an inventory of symbol systems that had been used in various locations worldwide, from airports and train stations to the Olympic Games. AIGA appointed a committee of five leading designers of environmental graphics, who evaluated the symbols and made recommendations for adapting or redesigning them. Based on their conclusions, a team of AIGA member designers produced the symbols.
You can download the pictograms individually, in either EPS or GIF formats, or you can also download the entire package.

28 National Park Service Map Pictograms

Pictogram Libraries
This page contains the standard cartographic symbols and patterns used on National Park Service maps. The icons can be downloaded in either PDF or AI formats.

102 PICOL – Icons and Pictograms

Pictogram Libraries
There is a total of 102 icons in this impressive library, from PICOL. PICOL stands for PIctorial COmmunication Language and is a project to find a standard sign system for electronic communication.
The PICOL library is free to use and open to alter, sized at both 16px and 32px, and available in PNG format.

100 Scalable Vector Pictograms – Pictoico

Pictogram Libraries
Pictoico is a visual initiative with the goal of defining a uniform, globally accepted, contemporary yet modern, unique yet highly recognizable symbol style. With over 100 icons, all of these icons are free, so, no watermarks and no limitations. The icons are all in major, industry standard scalable vector formats.

27 Pictogram Warning Signs

Pictogram Libraries
In this collection of pictograms there are 27 authentic warning signs, and come packaged with a full PSD and a Photoshop 8 brush set.

125 Pictogram Collection from

Pictogram Libraries
This pictogram library is a collection of 125 icons of Public Information Symbols from Japan.
The icons are split into the following categories: Public Facilities, Transport Facilities, Commercial Facilities, Tourism and Culture, Safety and Warnings. Each set can be downloaded in either PDF, EPS or GIF formats. – Online Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms

Pictogram Libraries contains, an impressive, 1,600 articles, 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics. This is an amazing repository of almost every possible symbol you could think off.