15 Free Gesture Icon Sets for Mobile App Designers


Gesture icons represent the many touch-enabled interactions that users perform on digital devices, typically mobile. They’re used in UI design to provide a visual cue for actions such as swiping, pinching, tapping, or rotating. They are generally simple, minimal, and designed so that users of all levels can easily understand them.

Many mobile developers use gesture icon sets, or interaction icons, to show new users how to use a new application, or to bridge the learning gap of any new features, making them critical to a mobile application’s user experience and popularity.

By using standardized gesture icons, or interaction icons, across various operating systems (iOS & Android) and devices, designers can create UIs that are easy to use, thus making them user-friendly and accessible.

In this collection, we have fifteen free gesture icon sets for you. The gesture icons come in many different styles, sizes, and, most importantly, formats (Figma, Sketch, PSD, SVG, and EPS). And just like all free resources, please check the license of each icon set, as they can change from time to time.

The Top Gesture Icon Sets for Mobile UI Design

Touch Gestures Icons
By Jeff Portaro (100 Icons, AI, EPS, CSH, PSD, and SVG)

Touch Gestures Icons mobile app development designer

Device Gesture Icons
(15 Icons, AI, PSD, and SVG)

Device Gesture Icons

Computer Web Gestures Icons
(100 Icons, Figma)

Computer Web Gestures Icons Touch Gestures Icons mobile app development designer

Gesture Icons
By Frexy (38 Icons, EPS, SVG)

Gesture Icons mobile app development designer

By Mariusz Ostrowski (43×8 Icons, AI, CSH, SVG, EPS)

Gesty gesture icon set mobile app development designer

Touch Gesture Icons
(39 Icons, Vector SVG)

Touch Gesture Icons

Free Gesture Icon Set
By Rena One (14 Icons, PSD, and AI)

Free Gesture Icon Set mobile app development designer

Gesture Icons
By Theme Raid (50 Icons, AI)

Gesture Icons mobile app development designer

Material Finger Gesture Icon Set
(60 Icons, AI, EPS, and SVG)

Material Finger Gesture icon set

Hand Gesture Icons
By Abdus (12 Icons, PSD)

Hand Gesture Icons mobile app development designer

Handdrawn Touch Screen Gestures Pack
(27 Icons, AI, PSD & EPS)

Handdrawn Touch Screen Gestures Pack

Gesture & Transition Icons
By NOGA (19 Icons, Sketch)

Gesture & Transition Icons mobile app development designer

Cartoon Hand Gesture Collection
(32 Icons, AI, EPS & SVG)

Cartoon Hand Gesture Collection

Free Touch Gestures
By Tom Loots (9 Icons, AI)

Free Touch Gestures mobile app development designer

UX Gesture Icons
By Gaoyoungor (12 Icons, PSD)

UX Gesture Icons mobile app development designer

iPhone Gestures
By Julian Burford (12 Icons, AI)

Gestures free icon set mobile app development designer

Gesture Icon Set FAQs

  • What are gesture icon sets?
    Gesture icon sets are collections of symbols representing touch gestures like tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom. They’re used in mobile app design to indicate how users can interact with touchscreens.
  • What can mobile app designers do with these gesture icons?
    UI designers can use these icons in their app interfaces to guide users on how to interact with the app, making the user experience more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Who else might find these gesture icon sets useful?
    Besides mobile app designers, UX/UI designers, web developers, and anyone involved in creating interactive digital products could benefit from these icons.
  • Do these icon sets include a wide range of gestures?
    Most sets aim to cover common gestures used in touch-based interfaces, but it’s wise to check if they have the specific gestures you need for your project.
  • How easy are these icons to integrate into app designs?
    These icons are typically designed for ease of use, provided in various file formats that are compatible with most design software, making integration a breeze.
  • What file formats are these gesture icons usually available in?
    They often come in formats like SVG, PNG, and EPS, allowing for versatility in their use across different platforms and applications.
  • Can using these icon sets save time for app designers?
    Definitely! They provide ready-to-use visual elements, which saves time in creating icons from scratch, allowing designers to focus more on other aspects of app development.

More Free Icon Sets

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