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danielpintillie (4 Articles)

Daniel Pintilie is a talented designer from Romania, available for hire, who really loves to create interesting projects. You can follow him on @Daniel2Design to get in touch and share your opinions about his articles!

Understanding the Meaning of Color Within Design

Color is the perceivable characteristic of light; light is energy, so color is a form of energy. In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton discovered that sunlight is a mixture of colors…


The Classification of Fonts

The classification of fonts is still unclear, even with the various classes and categories that have been created by some of great type lovers of the years. Some may consider…


The 20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

Put your content front and center and improve the reading experience of your visitors with this collection of free WordPress themes for writers.


The 8 Most Important Rules for Logo Design

There are 7 billion people on our planet, yet no two people are perfectly identical, so in actual fact there are several billion opinions about any given issue or topic….


Beginners Guide to Using the Power of Color in Web Design