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EmmaDavies (6 Articles)

Emma Davies is an unashamed geek for all things web and print and is taking her knowledge of effective web copy, flexible design and baked goods to branch out in a creative partnership as

How HD Ready Am I?

Recently I received a request at work for our logo in HD, I work at a company which provides funding to a range of organisations and producing HD videos wouldn’t…


Are Newsletters On Their Way Out?

Where I work we send out newsletters once a month and are just beginning to review all our digital and traditional communication channels. For me, I felt that newsletters are…


10 Free Brochure Templates for Adobe InDesign for 2021

These beautifully designed free InDesign brochure templates make it easy to promote your business or product without having to create anything from scratch.


Are the doors closing on technological innovation and collaboration?

It seems like everyone has been watching the Samsung vs Apple lawsuit with bated breath and I’ve been no exception. It was interesting to see the case develop and also…


How Many Colors Are There?

Colour. It’s something that we all use in our web or print work and finding the right colour to highlight, emphasise and stand out from the crowd can be easier…


Is a Design House-Style Really Necessary?

In my previous post I mentioned that I was currently developing a website and as part of those developments I wanted to look at introducing a house-style. It seemed like…


When a CMS becomes Restrictive