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Sara Duane-Gladden (6 Articles)

Sara Duane is a lover of words and imagery. She is a writer and photographer based just outside of Minneapolis, with a BA in English from the University of Minnesota.

Tips to Help You Find Flow in Your Creative Process

It’s late in the day and you’re working hard on a project. Hours have seemingly flown by in a flash. You haven’t eaten anything since this morning, but you don’t…


10 Tips to Help Resolve Creative Conflicts

Collaboration is how things are accomplished these days. With collaboration, we can reach incredible creative heights. To get there, though, sometimes we have to slog through conflicts due to incompatible…


20 Free Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard Templates

These pre-built free Bootstrap themes & templates have been designed as a complete solution for the admin area or dashboard of your web application.


Proofing Tips for Print Design Perfection

Many of the articles on this site are aimed at the digital space, such as design for the web, mobile and apps. And let’s face it, most design in general…


Collaboration Between Designers and Copywriters

Once upon a time, the assembly line revolutionized productivity. Instead of one worker or a small team performing all the steps to create a product, each person specialized in one…


Branding Lessons from the Modern Marketing Era

The history of design is deep and long, but the field of graphic design is a much more recent phenomenon. Sure, there was art, design, and illustration in centuries past,…


Design Through the Ages