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Weekly News for Designers № 390

This week’s Designer News (N.390) includes a Re-usable JavaScript Chart Library, a Web Launch Checklist, a Web Typography Learning Game, A Day Without JavaScript, CSS Optimization Tips, 10 Basic Principles of Visual Design, Dropdowns: Design Guidelines and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 389

This week’s Designer News (N.389) includes A Web Component for Drawing Patterns with CSS, Real Words that Double as HEX Values, 2017 Logo Trends, The State of CSS, Build Forms with CSS Grid, Color Accessibility Workflows, 25 Minute Design School and more.

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Weekly News for Designers № 388

This week’s Designer News (N.388) includes 30 CSS Resources from 2017, Devicons, an Interactive HTML Cheat Sheet, an HTML Audio Player, the Future of Front End Web Development, 3 Reasons Why Git isn’t Suitable for Designers, Free Sketch Resources and more.