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Sufyan bin Uzayr writes for multiple publications and has also authored a book named Sufism: A Brief History. His primary areas of interest include open source, mobile development, web CMS and vector art. He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of an e-journal named Brave New World. You can visit his website or friend him on Facebook.

Ghost, the blogging tool inspired by WordPress, is now available

Back in November last year, John O’Nolan came up with a rather revolutionary concept of Ghost — a blogging tool inspired by WordPress. The logic behind this project was that…

speckyboy-default — Share, Explore and Vote on Everything WordPress

Due to the popularity of WordPress, there is no shortage of WP-related material on the internet. Whatever it might be that you are looking for — news, themes, plugins, reviews,…


12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

Check out our collection of high-resolution and free smoke brush packs for Adobe Photoshop, and download and use them on your next project.


Google Web Designer: Bringing Ideas To Life, Using HTML5

Yesterday Google added a new tool to its wide array of offerings, and this time they have built something specifically for the web design community. Allow me to introduce you…


phpMyAdmin Turns 15 Years Old This Week!

In an era when everything on the internet is shrinking in terms of life expectancy, be it smartphone operating systems or browser versions, phpMyAdmin, the extremely popular and often taken…


Flat Design – The Next Step Forward in the Evolution of Web Design

Flat design is nothing but simplicity put into practice. The fact that simple shapes such as rectangles and circles are being preferred over gradients and drop shadows shows that the…


Android Studio: The IDE built to help make the life of Android developers easier

If you are an Android developer, life has so far offered a rather straightforward approach: you would probably use Android Developer Tools atop Eclipse, and that is pretty much it!…


Brackets by Adobe: An Open Source Code Editor in the Making

In this article, I shall be taking a look at Brackets, the free and open source code editor from Adobe. According to Adobe, the focus of Brackets is on ‘inline…


Bootstrap Version 3 Has Been Released!

Twitter Bootstrap, the powerful framework that is loved by developers all around the world, has just a couple of days ago taken the first step towards a major upgrade. The…


Pure CSS from Yahoo! A Minimal & Lightweight Set of CSS Modules

Yahoo! has recently and quietly released Pure CSS, an ultra light-weight and responsive set of CSS modules that you can employ in your web projects very quickly. Maybe not as…


Firefox 22: Less Plugins, More Features!

A couple of days ago Mozilla released the latest version (22) of their popular web browser Firefox. This release comes in rather quick, as version 21 was released just six…


“To Mobile App” or “Not To Mobile App”