• HemanthMalli

    Simple and good !! I liked Martien Oosterkamp and AE !!

  • Great inspiration! I think PB is very subtle and clever. Attached architecture firm logo for IT Architecture. Looks like an old drawing board.

  • Funny you said you liked Martien Oosterkamp, I tought it was the worst of the bunch! (Not that bad, just a bit crude or rushed.)

  • Allisson Souza

    Very nice monogram designs!

    David, I also have some monogram design collections in my portfolio.

    Check it out:

    Hope you like it!

  • Good collection of monogram logos. Thanks for sharing.

  • I made this one for a private teacher:

  • Made my day to see one of mine in there! Thanks man!

  • plums666

    isn’t flat concept supposed to be flat colored without gradient? Also, im sorry but i think the wording is not balanced. Take a look at the center :3

  • Miroslav Božić

    I’d somehow like to create a conjoined monogram of my letters “MB” for private and commercial use as a logo but I don’t who to consult (graphic designer) or how and where to do it. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance!