Best Premium Joomla Template Providers

Why would I use premium Joomla Templates while tons of free Joomla templates are available out there? You may be one of the people to ask this question.

If you notice, most Joomla providers offer both free and commercial templates; however, the number of purchases is greater than the number of free downloads.

The reason is that premium templates have many advantages over free ones, i.e. better design and support, more modules, more functions, superiorand so forth.

When you are considering building your corporate website, a premium Joomla template is the best choice. Not only can you get a faultless template, but also satisfactory support from the providers.

Normally, there are three types of premium Joomla Template providers – retailers, clubs and mixers (retailers and clubs). Each of the types has different pricing models and support methods.

In this article, I will introduce you the best premium Joomla providers categorized in these three types, including the below information:

  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Payment Methods
  • Money Back Guarantee (refund policy)

It will help give you have an overview of the Joomla template market and choose a suitable provider for your upcoming website projects.

Premium Joomla Template retailers are usually legal companies consisting of professional web developers and designers. These people work in teams to create high-quality Joomla templates for sale.

The templates are sold as a single purchase, which means customers pay for each template they want to buy. The transaction is made through Paypal, 2CheckOut and other methods.

Here are some premium Joomla template retailers that have a good reputation in the Joomla market.



JoomlaShine is famous for its high-quality Joomla templates. They do not churn out a large number of templates but carefully release high quality ones after a long development time. As a result, customers are satisfied with every product made by JoomlaShine.

Each template has three editions: Free edition (free download), Pro Standard ($39) and Pro Unlimited ($59). You should take a look at the benefits of each package to choose the one that suits you.

Support: Forum, Documentation, Quick Start Video, Support Ticket
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Payment Methods: Paypal, 2CheckOut (major credit cards) and Bank Wire Transfer



Joomlage offers free customization (logo edit, link/text color change). Customers can send a request on what they want to change in the purchased templates, and get the repackaged templates back afterwards.

Most of their templates are compatible with all versions of Joomla! (including Joomla 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7). The common price for every Joomlage template is €15.

Support: Tutorials, E-mail, Skype (9:00am to 5:00pm GMT: Dublin)
Money Back Guarantee: No refund
Payment Method: Paypal

Joomla Monster


Joomla Monster is a Joomla Shop with a huge repository of Joomla templates categorized by different topics. A new template is released every month. You can easily find a template that fits your needs with their appealing promotions.

Generally, a template costs £34 or £35 depending on its sophistication. They also offer templates that cost only £19 in the cheapest templates category. It is ideal for those who want to build simple websites.

Joomla Monster gives customers a chance to explore potential templates through open template manuals, which are also included in their product packages after purchasing.

Support: E-mail, Forum, FAQ Blog
Money Back Guarantee: No refund (only pay money back if the download package is corrupted or not working)
Payment Methods: Paypal, Google Checkout, MoneyBookers, Credit Card

Template Monster


Template Monster is the biggest template retailer which offers more than 700 premium Joomla templates besides other open source products.

They have three options of pricing – Regular Price ($63 – $65), Regular Price with Registration ($112 – $114) and Buyout Price ($2850 – $3700).

Support: Live Support Chat, Online Help Center, Support Ticket, E-mail
Money Back Guarantee: No refund (except in the following cases: non-delivery of the product, download and unzipping issues, major defects, product not-as-described)
Payment Methods: WorldPay, Google Checkout, Paypal, Moneybookers, Webmoney, RoboxChange

Mix Web Templates


Mix Web Templates provides a variety of Open Source Templates, including Joomla templates. Most of their Joomla templates are quickly updated with the latest version of Joomla – Joomla 1.7.

You need to register to purchase credits before downloading the templates of Mix Web Templates. You will get a discount with multi-purchases.

  • One template: €27.00 (27 credits)
  • Two templates: €47.90 (54 credits)
  • Three templates: €61.90 (81 credits)
  • Four templates: €73.90 (108 credits)
  • Five templates: €84.90 (135 credits)
  • Six templates: €94.90 (162 credits)

Support: E-mail, FAQs
Money Back Guarantee: No refund
Payment Method: Paypal

When you hear the word "club", you may think of a community. That’s true. In order to download the templates, you are required to become a member of the club. In other words, you have to purchase your memberships in a required period of time.

During the membership validity, you have the right to get access to the club’s template resource and download as many templates as your membership type allows.

If you are pleased with the club, you can renew your membership when your old one expires. You can still use the templates you have purchased after the membership expires.

The following are five of the best premium Joomla clubs that I have selected from a pool:

Rocket Theme


RocketTheme Joomla Template Club is considered the most famous club in the Joomla world. Rockettheme has two different types of membership – Joomla Club and Joomla Developer Club:

  • Joomla Club ($50): Two-month duration, one entitlement, upgrade ($40 one entitlement)
  • Joomla Club ($75): Six-month duration, two entitlements, upgrade ($60 two entitlements), renewal ($60)
  • Joomla Club ($90): 12-month duration, three entitlements, upgrade ($75 three entitlements), renewal ($75)
  • Joomla Developer Club ($300): 12-month duration, unlimited entitlements, upgrade ($240 unlimited entitlements), renewal ($240)

Support: Forum, E-mail, FAQs, Tutorials
Money Back Guarantee: No refund
Payment Methods: Paypal and Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover)



Joomla Template Club of JoomlArt (JATC) contains more than one hundred Joomla templates developed under the T3 Framework.

You have different options to join the club.

  • JATC Standard Membership ($59 for three-month duration): One domain licensed, e-mail support
  • JATC Standard Membership ($70 for 12-month duration): Three domains licensed, e-mail support
  • Joomla Developer Club Membership ($499 for 12-month validity): Unlimited domains, copyright removal, e-mail support. Plus, members can download JoomlArt extensions.

Support: Forum, E-mail, Support Ticket
Money Back Guarantee: In the first seven days of registration
Payment Methods: Paypal and 2CheckOut (major credit cards)



YOOtheme Joomla templates are designed based on the Warp framework, which is fast and powerful. One of the YOOtheme’s strengths is that their template designs are really eye-catching. Besides this, the code is clean and that makes it easier for SEO.

YOOtheme Joomla Template Club provides three types of membership:

  • Silver (€39): Three-month club access, one theme license and unlimited YOOtools
  • Gold (€79): 12-month club access, three theme licenses and unlimited YOOtools
  • Platium (€249): 12-month club access, unlimited theme licenses and unlimited YOOtools

Support: Forum
Money Back Guarantee: According to customers’ cases (refund is directly clarified via e-mail)
Payment Methods: Paypal and Credit Card



GavickPro was started in 2007 and is located in Krynica Zdroj, in Southern Poland. The Gavick team has developed their own framework called the Gavern Framework. It was released in 2010,and is a combination of both new and improved features, with a view to making it more simple and functional.

GavickPro offers you four subscription plans: Personal, Business, Life Time and Developer.

  • Personal license (€40): Used mainly for individuals who want to build websites for personal purposes with no more than one template and two domains.
  • Business plan (€65): 12-month duration, customers are permitted to license five domains and get a 20% discount for renewal.
  • Lifetime plan (€99): Five licensed domains and life-time duration.
  • Developer license (€199): Unlimited domains in 12 months. 30% discount for renewal.

Support: Documentation, Helpdesk, Forum, Live Chat
Money Back Guarantee: No refund
Payment Methods: Paypal and Credit Card



Based in Bangladesh, JoomShaper is a popular Joomla templates club that provides premium Joomla templates. Once you become a member of JoomShaper, you can get access to download all templates, extensions and template PSD source files. JoomShaper provides four subscription plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Developer.

  • Silver plan ($40): allows two domain names and three months duration.
  • Gold membership ($60): accepts four domains in six months.
  • Platinum membership ($80): expires after one year with six domains permitted.
  • Developer license ($190): Unlimited domains licensed for a one-year period, copyright removal accepted, forum and email support (other plans only offer forum support).

Support: Forum, Support Ticket, E-mail, FAQs
Money Back Guarantee: 15 business days
Payment Methods: Paypal and 2CheckOut (major credit cards)

Mixers include premium Joomla template retailers and clubs. Mixers provide a more flexible method which allows you to obtain their products in two ways: Single purchase and Membership registration.

The process of purchasing a single template is similar to Joomla template retailers. Likewise, the method of subscribing for a membership licence is the same as that of Joomla clubs.

Let’s take a look on the following providers:

You Joomla


You Joomla is one of the fastest growing web development companies in the Joomla Market today. Started in 2006, they have provided a number of Joomla templates with attractive design and clean code.

Single Purchase: Each Joomla template costs $38 for a one domain licence. The package includes a single template plus its PSD files, 30 days updates, forum support and demo installation. No copyright removal.

Club Membership: YouJoomla offers four types of membership – Silver, Gold, Platinum and Developer.

  • Silver ($55): One domain and three-month club access, forum support.
  • Gold ($75): Three domains licensed and six-month club access, forum support. $15 discount for renewal.
  • Platinum ($90): Five domains, 12-month club access, forum support. $20 discount for renewal.
  • Developer ($298): Unlimited domains, 12-month club access, permission to use products for other people, permission to post developer job offers on YouJoomla’s forum, template copyright removal. Forum, e-mail, and custom work support. $50 discount for renewal.

Support: Forum, Knowledgebase, FAQs, Conversion Tracker
Money Back Guarantee: No refund
Payment Methods: Paypal and 2CheckOut (major credit cards)



JoomlaPraise contains simple and elegantly designed templates. However, they do not clearly divide single purchase and club membership subscription. The purchasing method depends on different templates.

Single Purchase: Normally, single purchase templates are submitted by other retailers to JoomlaPraise for sale, e.g. Onyx by JoomlaShack.

Club Membership: Most of the JoomlaPraise’s templates are purchased through membership registration. They provide two following subscription packages:

  • 12 month duration ($150) with three domains
  • Lifetime developer ($299) and unlimited domains.

Support: Forum, E-mail, Documentation

Money Back Guarantee: No refund

Payment Methods: Credit Card and Paypal.

Hot Joomla Templates


Hot Joomla Template Club’s team used to be ranked as the best freelance team at the Mambolance and one of the best at the JoomLancers. They have developed 400 Joomla-based websites and have gained the trust of customers for more than five years.

Single Purchase: Hot Joomla Templates gives two options of template single purchase.

  • Single license ($19.95): Permission to use the purchased template in one domain, change all brandings except for the "Designed by" notice in the footer.
  • Developer license ($20.00 one time): Permission to use the template in unlimited domains, change all brandings including the "Designed by" notice in the footer.

Club Membership: They offer three types of membership:

  • Silver ($34.95): Three-month duration, two domains. No copyright removal permitted
  • Gold ($69.95): 12-month duration, five domains. No copyright removal permitted.
  • Platinum ($199.95): 12-month duration, unlimited domains. Copyright removal permitted.

Support: Forum, FAQs
Money Back Guarantee: No refund
Payment Methods: Paypal, 2CheckOut (major credit cards)

Joomla Shack

More than forty-one premium Joomla templates are available in the JoomlaShack store now, in which the number of templates compatible with Joomla 1.7 is seventeen, and promising to increase every month.

Single Purchase: Each premium Joomla template costs around $47 to $55.
Club Membership: JoomlaShack is aimed at developers. In order to join the club, you can either pay $599 upfront or four monthly payments of $159 through EZ payment. Your Lifetime Developer Membership pays for itself after you purchase seven templates ($53/each) plus the re-branding ($42/each) for development.
Support: Forum, Support Ticket
Money Back Guarantee: No refund
Payment Methods: Paypal and 2CheckOut (major credit cards)

Pixel Paradise

Pixel Paradise has got lots of good feedback from customers for their clean, simple and easy-to-customize templates. Besides this, great support is another aspect that makes their clients satisfied.

Single Purchase: The usual price for a Joomla template is $25 with documentation. Support via e-mail.
Club Membership: Pixel Paradise‘s Joomla Template Club is aimed at web developers. They provide two major membership plans:

  • Pro Developer Membership (€79): Three-month duration, unlimited domains, permission to remove "designed by" back-link and use templates for other people’s websites.
  • Pro Developer Membership (€99): 12-month duration, unlimited domains, permission to remove "designed by" back-link and use templates for other purposes.

Support: E-mail
Money Back Guarantee: Seven days
Payment Methods: Paypal and 2CheckOut (major credit cards)

I’ve introduced you to the best premium Joomla Template Providers – consisting of retailers, clubs and mixers. I hope this article will be helpful for you in finding a suitable Joomla template for your business. If so, we really want to hear from you. Leave some comments if you have to say something.

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  • Michael

    Thx for great post, In my opinion Joomlart and Gavickpro deliver the most interesting templates only.

  • Tony

    Thanks! The guys from JoomlaBamboo create stunning design too. 

  • Tony

    Thanks for your thought, Michael!

    Joomlart and Gavick has own niche and average quality of Joomla templates. You know, it’s hard to keep the high standard if those guys release each month 1 Joomla, Magento and Drupal templates.

    Moreover, with release Joomla 1.7.x the guys have to convert existing template to the new platform which takes more time and efforts.

  • A vote for Joomlart. They ‘re from Vietnam, have many beautiful templates. :)

  • Tony

    Yeah… and probably you noticed there are other Vietnamese companies providing hi – quality templates and extensions.

  • You missed my favorite AS Templates.

    As a designer that isn’t a programmer I really appreciate templates that are easy to modify with my own graphics and colours. I never mind paying for a good template but don’t care for “clubs”. If I buy your template and it works really well I’ll be back to buy more – you can take that to the bank. I resent the club position where they want you to put out sometimes several hundred dollars to join their club then you are stuck with there templates to try to make the most of the membership. Just provide good creative templates and modules at a reasonable price and we’ll be back over and over again.

  • Great templates…

  • Luis

    Ice template. A very bad experience, expensive and no support, after they sold you a template you are by your own, they dont care if its working or you satisfaction, it could take more than 3 days for a response (if you are lucky) because they offer a support package (just for the installation for example) and it is more expensive than the template.

  • Quit Ice Temps a year back. I cannot take design as an explanation for bad coding practices. Popular extensions face trouble on ICE….ICe not so cool