25 Free Chunky & 3D Fonts for Your Next Project

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No matter what your personal style is, it’s imperative to have a wide selection of fonts in your design library. This will help ensure you always have the right font handy, regardless of the type of project you’re working on.

In most cases, traditional choices will be your best bet. Serif, sans-serif, script or decorative fonts will round out your design nicely and help you convey the right tone and message. But sometimes, you will need to step out of your comfort zone and use something that is a little more unusual.

In cases like those, chunky and 3D fonts could be just what you need. These fonts are perfect for branding projects for brands that want to stand out and be perceived as original and bold. Chunky and 3D fonts are also a great choice for t-shirt designs, posters, billboards, promo materials, and any other type of design project where you need to make an impact.

Keep in mind that these types of fonts can dominate the design so it’s best to use them alongside a simpler font and, of course, avoid using them in long sentences or paragraphs.

Given the number of fonts available online, finding the best chunky or 3D font for your project can take up a lot of your time that could be spent working on the project instead. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best chunky and 3D fonts from around the web. Feel free to download them and use them in your projects.

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Green Piloww (Free)

Green Piloww Chunky 3d Free Font

Pointy Solid (Free)

Pointy Solid Chunky 3d Free Font

Glubby – Fun Display Font (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Glubby - Fun Display Font

Alpha Wood (Free)

Alpha Wood Chunky 3d Free Font

Chunky (Free)

Chunky Chunky 3d Free Font

Walk Around the Block (Free)

Walk Around the Block Chunky 3d Free Font

Bob Font (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Bob Font

Chocolate Drops Font (Free)

Chocolate Drops Font Chunky 3d Free Font

Block Tilt Font (Free)

Block Tilt Font Chunky 3d Free Font

Corn Fed Font (Free)

Corn Fed Font Chunky 3d Free Font

Beach Ball CPC (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Beach Ball CPC

Cubicle (Free)

Cubicle Chunky 3d Free Font

Coming Soon (Free)

Coming Soon Chunky 3d Free Font

Block Buster (Free)

Block Buster Chunky 3d Free Font

Big Fellas Cute Font (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Big Fellas Cute Font

Heavy Rotation (Free)

Heavy Rotation Chunky 3d Free Font

Action Jackson (Free)

Action Jackson Chunky 3d Free Font

Sans Poster Bold 3D (Free)

Sans Poster Bold 3D Chunky 3d Free Font

C Rial (Free)

C Rial Chunky 3d Free Font

Blocklyn Font Family (with Envato Elements Subscription)

Blocklyn Font Family

Hot Dog (Free)

Hot Dog Chunky 3d Free Font

Caveman (Free)

Caveman Chunky 3d Free Font

Ricks American Cafe Font (Free)

Ricks American Cafe Font Chunky 3d Free Font

Blog the Impaler (Free)

Blog the Impaler Chunky 3d Free Font

Pijamas (Free)

Pijamas Chunky 3d Free Font

Augustus Beveled (Free)

Augustus Beveled Chunky 3d Free Font

Decade 3D Font (Free)

Decade 3D Font Chunky 3d Free Font

Blox (Free)

Blox Chunky 3d Free Font

Pin Down X-BRK (Free)

Pin Down X-BRK Chunky 3d Free Font

Retro Sign (Free)

Retro Sign Chunky 3d Free Font