• I do not agree with point 2 (An Ideal Logo Should Answer Questions). It seems a reasonable assumption and I am sure it is still taught at school?In practice however, the ideal logo is a ‘reminder’ a ‘mental hook’ as you will. It is the core of what branding is all about: making an impression that remains lingering in your customers mind as a trigger for memories about your company or product.This is how our brain ‘uses’ a logo. as a bookmark for a memory, an experience, a feeling or knowledge. The logo itself can influence these things by making clever use of things like colour, shape, constancy, etc.If by chance a logo can also convey a message about the company or product because of this, it is an added bonus, but by no means should that be the ideal base on which you create one. Too often I see ‘clever’ logo’s that make an impression, but by doing so take all the stage-light and thereby overshoot their purpose. Sometimes logo’s just try so hard to convey a message it becomes muddled or forced.An ideal logo is simple yet easy to remember without making too much of an impression. The impression should be made by the product, and the logo is there to couple that experience to a visual, mental hook.

  • Sebastian Selling

    Nice article, useful stuff :)

  • This is a great article. I talk to my customers about color and shape at all times. It is good to see how others feel about the coloring of logos.

  • pooja

    Yes, this is true this would be more attractive.