A Hilarious Collection of CSS Puns & Jokes

Most web design languages tend to be quite sober. We can’t help that; we’re very serious about what we do. HTML. PHP. JavaScript. Not even a little smile from them. But when it comes to CSS, things can be quite different. Things can be hilarious!

Have you seen those CSS pun posts on Reddit and Designer News recently? They’re brilliant. And they just got better. Saijo George has recently taken all of those CSS puns and visually recreated them onto a standalone site that you can browse through until you fall over laughing!

Here are some of our favorites:

The CSS Puns & Jokes Series

arrow CSS pun

sniper-mode-engaged CSS pun

#periodic CSS pun

#chucknorris CSS pun

#nsa CSS pun

oliver-queen CSS pun

ninja CSS pun

obese CSS pun

yomama CSS pun

wife CSS pun

delorean CSS pun

.illuminati CSS pun

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  • Hi Paul, Thanks for featuring it on Speckyboy :)

  • JohnnyQ

    Hey Paul, you forgot .lego { display: block; }

    Thanks mate.

  • Why is Chuck’s color of lime or light green?

  • Tahir

    hahaaa…you nailed it.

  • Matias Bernhardt

    #BADA55 (read as badass)

  • Sam Richardson

    Somebody needs to make some shirts from these. Especially .wife. Dying!

  • Idan Abarbanel

    You guys are gods

  • Nick Spiel

    Should add this one too:

    .chameleon {
    color: inherit;

  • thanks

  • FDisk

    background-color: shucknorris;

  • Chuck can come to your house and explain it.

  • haha

  • no tab (double-spaced) :(((

  • MadRAD

    .oliver-queen should also have color: #00ff00;

  • .longcat{

  • Henk

    .plane + .wtc { height:0; }

  • FK

    Aha excellent ^^

  • FK

    i’d buy it, definitely.

  • wow awesome collection