• bodo

    You have highlighted that you can take inspiration from almost anything, true but you have missed the most important part…RESEARCH… Designing a corporate identity involves investigation into the company its history its goals and ambition, its successes its failures its positioning in the market, its audience, etc.. all these things will produce a far superior logo with meaning and longevity using aspects of this research in your design process will set you apart from those that see branding as purely an aesthetic task, which it is not.

  • Usama

    The whole process of logo designing is a research in itself. Taking inspiration is basically the first step in designing a corporate identity. It’s like knowing what the company is all about, deriving its core nature and then working along the process of designing. This article is about that very first step of how to drive your inspiration into actual design keeping in mind all the values like company’s goals, ambitions and audience.

  • nk

    IMHO Thats exactly not, how logo design works. The approach in your example seems to be: Lets take this and see, how wie can put significance into it.

  • Michael Gunner

    I’m with bodo on this I’m afraid and I don’t really get your attempt to wriggle out of it. If you’re producing branding and identity for a company, you absolutely must research the business before you even think about ideas. Meetings, focus groups surveys, mood boards….you mention none of this, you just jump straight in to a concept. IMHO this article is poor, mis-informed advice.

  • Good post Usama, I like the variations of logos that you have created from the word circle, inspiration can sometimes be difficult, but with research and knowing what your client is about and being creative you can create an awesome logo.

  • Usama

    guys let me make this clear. This article is not about branding. It’s about manipulating your inspirations into different forms. @Micheal you are right. Logo designing works the other way around but this article is absolutely not about that. Here, I have just explained how to put your inspirations to good use, how to think in different dimensions. It’s simply about a shape and how you can manipulate that shape to create different stuff. Logo designing is ofcourse a complete course of home work, meeting with clients etc. I didn’t touch those line because this article is simply not about that stuff. Hope you get my point…