20 Incredible Digital Sunrise Desktop Wallpapers Viewed from Space


A view of the sunrise is truly something spectacular. However, to catch the most beautiful sunrise, location matters as well as getting up early. If you’re not an early riser or don’t live in a location famous for its sunrises, you can still enjoy a view of the sunrise, without uprooting your life or forcing yourself to become a morning person. How, you ask? Well, start by using a sunrise wallpaper on your computer!

Digital sunrise wallpapers are the easiest way to enjoy the view of the sunrise at any time of day and no matter where in the world you’re located. What’s more, you can take it a step further and use a digital sunrise wallpaper viewed from space. While space travel is possible, it’s not in everyone’s budget so make the best of what’s available to you at the moment and dress your tech into some space sunrises.

Sunrise wallpapers are one of the most popular wallpaper categories. They are a blend of beautiful colors and can signify a new beginning or a new era which is why sunrise shots are famously used in movies in pivotal moments. Pair that with a view from space and you’ll get an even more impactful amalgamation of colors.

In this post, we’ve gathered the best digital sunrise wallpapers from around the web that give you a phenomenal view of space sunrises. Download them all and enjoy a stunning slideshow on your desktop or find your favorite and breathe new life into your desktop.

A New Dawn
space wallpaper A New Dawn

Terra Nova
space wallpaper Terra Nova

space wallpaper Origin

space wallpaper Aeon

Cosmic Daylight Close Up
space wallpaper Cosmic Daylight Close Up

The Last Sunrise
space wallpaper The Last Sunrise

space wallpaper Detritus

Cosmic Sunrise
space wallpaper Cosmic Sunrise

Sunrise in Space
space wallpaper Sunrise in Space

Omicron Beta
space wallpaper Omicron Beta

Smooth Vision
space wallpaper Smooth Vision

space wallpaper Remnants

space wallpaper Departures

Eastern Sunrise Updated
space wallpaper Eastern Sunrise Updated

Planet One
space wallpaper Planet One

Tau 31
space wallpaper Tau 31

Last Dawn
space wallpaper Last Dawn

Misconstrue Image
space wallpaper Misconstrue Image

space wallpaper Homeworld

space wallpaper Morning

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