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Photography Inspiration


The 10 Best Newsletters for Photographers

Whether starting out with your photography business or simply want to take up a new hobby, these newsletters will help you master your photography skills.


20 Amazing Logo Templates for Photographers

Capture their interest before you even capture a photo! Berenice Abbott once said that photography helps people to see. However, if you’re a photographer (or if you’re working with a…


The 20 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

Put your content front and center and improve the reading experience of your visitors with this collection of free WordPress themes for writers.


40 Mesmerizing Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is a photography technique that requires manipulating the camera or image so that a life-sized location looks like a miniature model.


20 Fine Examples of Backlit Photography

There is a difference between background lighting and backlighting. Background lighting refers to the light a photographer uses to illuminate a backdrop or background. Backlighting, on the other hand, refers…


Breathtaking Photography: Shooting in the Golden Hour

The golden hour is the time of day, usually in the early morning or evening when the light creates a very special effect in photography. During the golden hour (sometimes…


25 Stunning Examples of Super Macro Photography

As a species, we are addicted to novelty. Our addiction to novelty has led us to travel the four corners of the world and it landed us on the moon….


30 Stunning Examples of Still Life Photography

Still-life photography as a form of art takes a great deal of learning and experience. You need to master the art of carefully selecting objects, the lighting and dozens of other variants.


20 Stunning Examples of Food Photography & Tips for Effective Shooting

Food photography, while being a specialized type of still life art form, has already formed its own following. From amateurs taking pictures of what they had for lunch to award-winning…


How Close-Up Portraits Bring Humanity to Web Design

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, we are missing the human touch on the web. No one is arguing with the fact that the modern user interfaces are a feast for the…


30 Perfectly Captured Examples of Candid Photography

We are social beings, but often find ourselves isolated. While it’s in our nature to gather together, getting close to anyone takes effort and skill. Nowhere is this truer than…


10 Intriguing Examples of Levitation Photography