eversign Enables Electronic Signatures Anywhere, Anytime

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Working remotely can be quite hectic – especially for freelancers. It seems like every minute of the day brings a new task or challenge. And when it comes to both sending and receiving documents that require signatures, doing things the old fashioned way isn’t going to help with efficiency.

That’s the beauty of eversign. Their service provides the ability to sign contracts or other documents electronically. The signatures are legally binding and, just as important; you can use the Lite version of their service for free. That saves you time, hassle and some cash.

Eversign legally binding electronic signatures

Essential Technology and Security

eversign makes the process of signing electronically simple, convenient and secure. Your data is encrypted with 256-bit SSL on an infrastructure that is closely monitored.

What’s more, you can easily set documents to automatically expire, export them to your own system and completely remove them from eversign’s servers. So you can take heart in the fact that eversign provides the utmost security.

You’ll also find features that make the whole process quick and easy:

Document Editor

All you need to get started is to upload an existing PDF file. Using eversign’s Document Editor, you can add in data fields via drag-and-drop for recipients to fill in items such as their name, company name and email address.

Need something more advanced? It’s easy to add radio buttons, checkboxes, drop down menus or even allow signers to upload and attach their own documents.

Eversign Document Editor

Sign from Anywhere – Even in Person

The days of faxing or mailing paper copies are over. With eversign, documents can be signed from anywhere and on any device. Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are all supported.

And, bringing even more convenience is the fact that you can collect signatures in person – directly on your own device. So even an in-person meeting can become paperless.

Eversign lets you sign from anywhere

Seamless Integration with Your Workflow

To make life even easier, eversign connects seamlessly with the apps you’re already using. Popular online applications like Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and more can all connect with your eversign account in just a few seconds.

From there, you’ll be able to import and export documents with the cloud service of your choice. Developers can also integrate eversign with their own custom systems via a straightforward JSON-based REST API.

Eversign integrates with apps you already use

Built for Your Business

No matter what kind of business you’re in, eversign can help. For example, you can make use of their templates for frequently used documents – like registration forms. You can also manage multiple businesses, each with their own set of team members and contacts.

Plus, eversign includes an audit trail that lets you see all the important details for each and every transaction.

Manage multiple businesses, team members and contacts

Get Your Free eversign Account

eversign has been built to make collecting electronic signatures both simple and secure. It not only meets all the strict security and authentication requirements defined in both the United States and Europe, the service will also seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.

eversign is there to bring functionality and organization to an otherwise difficult aspect of doing business.

Sign up for your free eversign account today and see how it can benefit your business.