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Top 50 Free Icon Sets for Web Designers

on Icons & UI Design

Every designer needs access to high-quality icons. They’re a hugely important part of creating a user-friendly UI. But finding the perfect icon set for your project can be difficult.

While you may find an icon with the symbol or object you need, it may not be the right style or size. You end up settling for something less than perfect. That’s where this collection comes in to help you.

With UI design continually moving forward, it can be an arduous task keeping up with the latest changes in icon design. Even though trend changes have not been as drastic recently as we have seen in previous years, icon design has become more refined and specialized, and dare I say it, more beautiful. They have fully embraced the beauty of simplicity by successfully merging all of those popular icon design trends we have seen from previous years.

The curated collection of free icon sets we have for you below are available in many different formats (SVG, PSD, AI, EPS, and Web Fonts), and for many UI applications, like Sketch, Figma, and Affinity Designer. All of the sets are free to download, and most will allow you to use them in both your personal and commercial projects, but please check the license before you use them.

Free Glyph & Pictogram Icon Sets

Freebie SWM Icon Pack (300 Free Icons, SVG & Figma)

Freebie SWM Icon Pack 300 Free Icons SVG Figma

Website UI Thin Line Icons Pack (60 Icons, Envato Elements, AI, EPS, PNG & SVG)

Website UI Thin Line Icons Pack

Iconic Pixel-Perfect Icons (620 Free Icons, SVG)

Iconic Pixel-Perfect Icons 620 Free Icons SVG

Line Icons Expanded (200+ Icons, Envato Elements, AI, EPS, PSD & PNG)

Line Icons Expanded

Universal Icon Set (60 Free Icons, Figma, IconJar, SVG & PNG)

Universal Icon Set 60 Free Icons Figma IconJar SVG PNG

Glyph Neue (1,500+ Free Icons, SVG & PNG)

Glyph Neue Free Icons SVG PNG

Vuesax Icon Kit (6,000+ Free Icons, Figma)

6000 Free Icons

Koloicons (3,000+ Free Icons, Figma)

Koloicons Free Icons, SVG & Figma

Anron Icons (480+ Free Icons, SVG & Figma)

Anron Icons Free Icons SVG Figma

Akar Rounded Icon Library (372 Free Icons, SVG & Web Font)

Akar Icons

Majesticons (700+ Free Icons, Figma)

Majesticons 700+ Free Icons Figma

Dripicons v.2 Free Icon Set (Free, PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, Sketch, Webfont)

Dripicons Free Icon Set PSD AI EPS PDF SVG Sketch Webfont

Gonzocons 2.0 (Free, Web Font)

Gonzocons 2.0 icon font

Open-Source Icon Libraries

Bootstrap Icons (1,500+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, SVG Sprite & Web Font)

Bootstrap Icons Open-Source Free SVG

Fluent Icons (4,000+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, PNG, WEBP & Figma)

Fluent Icons Open-Source Free SVG PNG WEBP Figma

Supercons React Iconset (200 Open-Source Icons, SVG & React)

Supercons Open Source SVG React Iconset

olicons (180 Open-Source Icons, SVG & Web Font)


Glyphs Complete Icon Design System (6,000+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, Figma, Web Font, Vue & React)

Open-Source Glyphs The Complete Icon Design System

Iconoir Icon Collection (900+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, Web Font, React, Figma & Framer)

Iconoir 900+ Open-Source Icons SVG, Web Font React Figma Framer

Boxicons Web-Friendly Icon Set (1,500+ Open-Source Icons, SVG & Web Font)

Boxicons Web-Friendly Icon Set Open-Source SVG Web Font

Free Pure CSS Icon Sets

Pure CSS Icon Set (Free, CSS)

Pure CSS Icon Set

Iconoo Pure CSS Icon Pack (Free, CSS)

Iconoo Pure CSS Icon Pack

Line & Outline Icon Sets

Lineicons (500+ Free Icons, Web Font, SVG, PNG & React)

Lineicons Free Icons WebFonts SVG PNG React

Regular UI Line Icons (56 Icons, Envato Elements, EPS)

Regular UI Line Icons

Edge Outline Icons (450+ Free Icons, Figma)

Edge 450+ Outline Free Icons Figma

Colorful eCommerce Icons (50 Icons, Envato Elements, AI, EPS, PNG & SVG)

Colorful eCommerce Icons

Minimal Icon Pack (1,800+ Icons Free, Sketch, Photoshop, AI, SVG, EPS & PNG)

1800 Free Minimal Icon Pack

Line Icons (100 Icons, Free, SVG, AI, EPS, PNG)

100 Free Line Icons SVG AI EPS PNG

All Purpose Line Icons (70 Icons, Free, AI & Sketch)

70 Free All Purpose Line Icons

Line & Solid Icons (90 Icons, Free, Sketch App & AI)

90 Free Line Solid Icons

Tiny Style-Controlled Iconset (Free, SVG)

Tiny Style-Controlled Iconset

20×20 Line Icon Set (Free, AI, Sketch)

20x20 Free Line Icon Set AI Sketch

Line Icon Set for Designers (Free, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)

Free Line Icon Set for Designers

Mini Icons (40 Icons, Free, AI, EPS, PNG & SVG)

40 Mini AI EPS PNG SVG designer monthly free resources icon set

Colorful Icon Sets

BlobsIcons Colorful Icons (328 Free Icons, SVG)

BlobsIcons Colorful Icons

Flat Line Color Icons (300+ Icons, Envato Elements, AI, EPS, PNG, PSD & SVG)

Flat Line Color Icons

Figma Crypto Icons (400+ Free Icons, Figma)

Figma Crypto Icons Free Icons Figma

Colored Line Icons (Free, SVG & PNG)

Colored Line Icons

Mex~Icons – Mexican-Themed Icon Set (Free, AI, EPS & PNG)

Mex Icons Mexican-Themed Icon Set AI EPS PNG

Colorful Ficons Icons (Free, 120 Icons, PSD)

Colorful Ficons Icons

1,000 Blobs Flat Icons (Free, AI, PSD & SVG)

Blobs Flat Icons AI PSD SVG

Material Design Icon Sets

Material Icons on Google Fonts (2,000+ Open-Source Icons, SVG, PNG, Web Font & Figma)

Google Fonts Loves Material Icons

Material Icons (Free, Sketch)

Material Icons Sketch

For more Material Design icons sets, take a look at this collection.

Graphic & Web Design Icon Sets

25 Design & Shapes Icons (Free, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)

25 Design Shapes Icons AI EPS SVG PNG

Web Design Filled Icon Set (50 Icons, Envato Elements, PSD, AI, Figma, Sketch & Affinity Designer)

Web Design Filled Icon

40 Free Icons for Designers (Free, AI, EPS, SVG & PNG)

40 Free Icons for Designers AI EPS SVG PNG

Web Design Outline Icon Collection (50 Icons, Envato Elements, PSD, AI, Figma, Sketch & Affinity Designer)

Web Design Outline Icon Collection

The Free Art Tools Icon Set (Free, AI, SVG, PNG)

The Free Art Tools Icon Set AI SVG PNG

Graphic Design Icon Set (Free, EPS, AI, SVG & PNG)

Graphic Design Icon Set

eCommerce Icon Sets

Bank and Money Icons (Free, AI, PSD, EPS, PNG & SVG)

Bank and Money Icons

eCommerce Line Icon Collection (150+ Icons, Envato Elements, EPS, AI, SVG & Affinity Designer)

eCommerce Line Icon Collection

Pollution & Energy Icons (Free, AI, EPS, SVG)

Pollution Energy Icons AI EPS SVG

eCommerce Icon Pack (40 Icons, Envato Elements, PSD, AI, Sketch & Figma)

eCommerce Icon Pack

Company Icon Set (50 Icons, Free, AI)

50 Company Icon Set

Retro Business Icons (170 Icons, Free, Sketch)

170 Retro Business icons

Smashicons Retro Business Icons (Free, AI & Sketch App)

Smashicons Retro Business Icons

eCommerce Icon Pack (Free, PSD & AI)

eCommerce Icon Pack

Weather Icon Sets

Weather Icons (Free, Sketch)

Weather Icons Sketch

Bold Weather Icon Set (25 Icons, Envato Elements, Figma)

Bold Weather Icon Set

Weather Icons (Free, Web Font)

Weather Icons Web Font