30+ Best Free Blackletter & Gothic Fonts in 2023


Gothic fonts are unusually attractive, making them a popular choice in branding and design projects. They typically belong in the sans-serif category and derive inspiration from the Gothic era. Gothic fonts are akin to Gothic architecture and are best suited for vintage or retro designs.

Many words describe Gothic fonts: grotesque, mysterious, grunge, artistic, blackletter, etc. Regardless of the description, Gothic fonts certainly add character to your designs. They can make your design appear bolder or spookier if you’re working on a Halloween-themed design.

Gothic fonts can also add a touch of elegance and a timeless quality if you opt for more complex and elaborate versions. They can be used for t-shirt and poster designs, and logo and branding materials, book covers, and more.

To make your Gothic font stand out, pair it with a simple and clean secondary typeface. Not only will this create more contrast, but it will also allow the Gothic font to carry the entire design.

We’ve rounded up the best Gothic fonts from around the web in this collection. You’ll notice modern and edgy Gothic fonts as well as classic, blackletter Gothic fonts. They can be used in a variety of projects, from simple logos to movie or promotional posters so take advantage of this collection and fill up your designer toolbox with these high quality, free Gothic fonts. As always, check the licensing for each font and then get creative!

What is a Gothic Font?

Gothic fonts, also known as blackletter or medieval fonts, are a style of typefaces characterized by their ornate and intricate letterforms that were historically used in manuscripts, books, and inscriptions during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Here are some key characteristics of gothic fonts:

  1. Historical Origins: Gothic fonts originated in the medieval period and were widely used for handwritten manuscripts and inscriptions in Europe. They were the prominent typography style before the printing press’s invention.
  2. Distinctive Letterforms: Gothic fonts are known for their highly decorative and angular letterforms. They often feature sharp angles, pointed serifs, and intricate details that create a distinct visual impact.
  3. Subcategories: Gothic fonts can be categorized into different substyles, including Textura, Fraktur, and Schwabacher. Each substyle has unique characteristics and variations in letterform design.
  4. Evocative Aesthetics: These fonts evoke a sense of history and an old-world charm. They often carry an air of sophistication and elegance.
  5. Usage Evolution: While Gothic fonts were originally used for religious texts and manuscripts, they found new life in the early days of printing and were used for books, signage, and official documents.
  6. Modern Adaptations: Contemporary Gothic fonts blend traditional elements with modern design sensibilities, making them suitable for various design projects, including logos, posters, and branding.
  7. Cultural and Geographical Diversity: Different European regions developed their own variations of Gothic fonts, resulting in various styles influenced by cultural and geographical factors.
  8. Associations: Gothic fonts are often associated with themes of history, fantasy, horror, and mystery. They’re commonly used for book covers, movie titles, and designs that aim to evoke a vintage or medieval atmosphere.
  9. Challenging Legibility: Some Gothic fonts can be challenging to read due to their ornate and intricate design, especially in smaller sizes. Designers should consider the legibility factor when using these fonts.
  10. Artistic Expression: Gothic fonts offer designers a unique canvas for creative expression, allowing them to convey a sense of timelessness and cultural depth in their designs.

The Top Blackletter & Gothic Fonts for Creatives

Indoctrine Gothic Font (Free)

Indoctrine free gothic font family

Rapscallion Gothic (Free)

Rapscallion free gothic font family

Drawn Old English Font (Free)

Drawn Old English free gothic font family

Waters Gothic Font (Free)

Waters free gothic font family

MKantzley Font Family (Free)

MKantzley free gothic font family

Gothic Hand Dirty Font (Free)

GothicHandDirty free gothic font family

Gothic Love Letters (Free)

Love Letters free gothic font family

Strassburg Fraktur Font (Free)

Strassburg Fraktur free gothic font family

Vtks Relaxing Blaze Font (Free)

Vtks Relaxing Blaze free gothic font family

Flying Hollander Font (Free)

Flying Hollander free gothic font family

Quael Gothic (Free)

Quael Gothic free gothic font family

Cuxhaven Times Type (Free)

Cuxhaven Times free gothic font family

Metal Macabre Font (Free)

Metal Macabre free gothic font family

Cold Night for Alligators (Free)

Cold Night for Alligators free gothic font family

Cardinal Gothic Font (Free)

Cardinal free gothic font family

Vtks Espinhuda Gothic Font (Free)

Vtks Espinhud free gothic font family

SF Gothican Font (Free)

SF Gothican Font free gothic font family

1456 Gutenberg Font (Free)

1456 Gutenberg free gothic font family

Shlop Font Family (Free)

Shlop Font Family free gothic font family

Bloodsuckers Font-Family (Free)

Bloodsuckers free gothic font family

Blood Of Dracula SW Font (Free)

Blood Of Dracula SW free gothic font family

Feast of Flesh Font (Free)

Feast of Flesh free gothic font family

Bill Hicks Gothic Font (Free)

Bill Hicks free gothic font family

Dissonant Gothic Font (Free)

Dissonant Font free gothic font family

Augusta Font (Free)

Augusta free gothic font family

Memela Fraktur Font (Free)

Memela Fraktur free gothic font family

Proclamate Gothic Font (Free)

Proclamate free gothic font family

Fiddums Font-Family (Free)

Fiddums Family free gothic font family

A Touch of Medieval Charm

Gothic fonts carry a rich historical legacy and offer a distinct aesthetic that adds a touch of mystique and elegance to design projects.

Their intricate letterforms and evocative qualities make them a captivating choice for those seeking to infuse their work with a touch of medieval charm and artistic depth.

More Free Fonts

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