25+ Best Free Clean Fonts for Designers


As the name suggests, clean fonts have a clear and crisp appearance, making them highly legible and versatile. That is why they are so popular with creatives, as they are suitable for a wide range of design projects.

Whether on the web or in print, clean fonts are fantastic for communicating complex information as they convey a sense of simplicity. They are also ideal for bringing a sense of professionalism, making them perfect for legal documents, resumes, business memos, and presentations.

The font you choose will depend on the specific requirements of your project. But by prioritizing legibility, simplicity, and versatility, the clean font you select will need to ensure that your content or project is easy to read, understand, and visually appealing.

In this collection, we have fifty free fonts that will hopefully help to make your search easier. You can use the free fonts in this collection in your personal projects, with some also allowing for commercial use. Also, please check the licenses of each font before usage, as they have been known to change from time to time.

Remember that typography plays a critical role in how a user interacts with your project, so when it comes to selecting your clean font, please “choose wisely.”

What is a Clean Font?

A clean font is a type of font that looks simple and easy to read. It’s like writing with a plain, straight pen without fancy curls or decorations. They have clear lines and don’t have extra bits added to the letters. Because of this, they look elegant and uncluttered.

Clean fonts are perfect when you want people to read something easily, like on a sign, website, or book. They’re also great when you have a block of text and want to ensure people can read it quickly without distractions.

The best part about clean fonts is that they’re timeless. They don’t go out of style because their simplicity makes them always look modern. Whether making a poster, a report, or designing something cool, a clean font can help your words look great and easy to understand.

The Top Free Clean Fonts for Creatives

JUST Sans Minimal Typeface

Not only is JUST Sans perfect for UI design, but it could also and should be used in logo and branding design. Its minimal aesthetic makes it an excellent choice for any project. If you’re serious about your typographical choices, JUST Sans is the font you need to have in your font toolbox.

JUST Sans Minimal Geometric Typeface

Dense Typeface by Charles Daoud

Dense is elegant, geometric, and compact, making it the perfect typeface for graceful brands. The regular weight is free. It is perfect for shorter copy, such as headlines or short paragraphs, as well as display campaigns and other branding materials where you want your message to be front and center.

Dense free clean font typeface

Crops Clean Sans Serif

Crops is a free and clean sans-serif font. It was designed with minimalism in mind, so if you need a no-fuss font for your next design, you’ve found it! You will get three versions (regular, light, and bold) with uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, symbols, and multilingual support.

Crops Clean Sans font typeface

Qartella Clean & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

If you’re looking for a free, clean font for your next project, you’ll love Qartella. It’s a sans-serif typeface with a gentle personality which makes it perfect for friendly brands. It’s a great logo font, too! You’ll get ten fonts.

Qartella Clean Modern Sans-Serif font typeface

Anson Font by Mikko Nuuttila

Just like the WWII aircraft that inspired the name, Anson is reliable and powerful. This sans-serif offers a combination of ramrod-straight lines with slanted elements. It’s perfect for technical industries, and legible even when applied to longer paragraphs. You’ll get both cases, numerals, punctuation, and more.

Anson free clean font typeface

Gorga Grotesque

A sans-serif with a twist! Gorga is a clean, modern sans-serif that offers a few touches of grotesque typography to create unique results. You’ll get six fonts with three weights, adjustable ligatures, contextual alternates, carefully crafted multilingual characters, and more. Give it a go (it’s free)!

Gorga Grotesque clean font typeface

Bitter ht by Huerta Tipográfica

Bitter HT is perfect for projects that emphasize messaging, as it’s a highly legible serif typeface. You can even use it for longer copy. It offers extensive multilingual support with Cyrillic and Greek characters, as well as accents. You’ll get three versions: regular, bold, and black.

Bitter ht free clean font typeface

Orion Pro Typeface

Are you ready for the future? Orion Pro emulates a futuristic aesthetic to provide you with a clean and free sans-serif typeface. It’s perfect for minimalist headings, as well as big banners. You’ll also get the web font version to make your web designs stand out!

Orion Pro clean font typeface

Norwester Font by Jamie Wilson

Condensed and outstanding, Norwester is a clean display font. This sans-serif offers everything you need for it to become a staple of your go-to design toolkit: uppercase characters and variants, numerals, and punctuation. It will make your message resonate when applied to shorter copy, such as headlines and poster content.

Norwester free clean font typeface

Homizio Nova Font by Álvaro Thomáz

Geometrically perfect and incredibly legible, Homizio Nova is an elegant sans-serif typeface. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase characters; all-caps is perfect for large formats, while lowercase characters adapt to longer copy perfectly. You can combine four different versions with matching italics to tailor it to your project!

Homizio Nova free clean font typeface

Alegreya Sans ht by Huerta Tipográfica

Alegreya Sans is a humanist font family rooted in calligraphic origins, which will make it beautiful in large versions and legible with longer copy. The family offers 28 fonts in total (from black and extra bold to light and thin SC); you can use it across projects for beautiful results.

Alegreya Sans ht free clean font typeface

Exo 2.0 Contemporary Geometric Sans Serif Font by Natanael Gama

Exo 2.0 is an absolute dreamboat of a font, and a free one at that! You’ll love working with this font during your next project, especially if you like adding a twist with typographic ligatures.

Exo 2.0 Contemporary Geometric Sans Serif free clean font typeface

Hallo Sans by Fredrik Staurland

Hallo Sans is a versatile and clean sans-serif typeface that works perfectly for web display materials. You’ll get three versions: Hallo regular, light, and black. With a combination of slanted lines and the traditional sans-serif curvature, Hallo Sans can be an excellent addition to your standard design toolkit.

Hallo Sans free clean font typeface

Cuprum Font by Jovanny Lemonad

A narrow grotesque, Cuprum works perfectly for modern designs and clean, readable typography. It combines slanted, bold, curved, and thin lines across its weights to provide you with the right option for your next project. You’ll get two weights with matching italicized versions and support for multiple languages.

Cuprum free clean font typeface

Neris Font by Eimantas Paškonis

Neris is a friendly and clean sans-serif typeface that you can download for your next project free of charge. It offers nine weights (matching italics included), and depending on your choice, Neris can emphasize the boldness of your headlines or provide an excellent reading experience when used for longer copy.

Neris free clean font typeface

Carrois Gothic Font by Ralph Oliver du Carrois

If you love Gothic typefaces but bemoan the fact that too few are modernized, you’ll love the free Carrois Gothic font! It looks stunning in both versions: Carrois Regular and Carrois Gothic SC Regular. You can use it for branding materials, as well as longer copy.

Carrois Gothic free clean font typeface

Sifonn Typeface by Rafa Goicoechea

Inspired by art deco and elevated by modern geometry, Sifonn is an excellent choice for your next design project. It offers all-caps characters, as well as plenty of alternates, ligatures, and more! You can create some truly unique results with stylistic alternates. If your brand is timelessly elegant, download Sifonn!

Sifonn free clean font typeface

Esqadero FF CY Typeface by Sergiy Tkachenko

Esqadero is a modern sans-serif display typeface with extensive support for the Cyrillic alphabet. Thin and slanted lines make it perfect for headlines, posters, branding, and more, while it retains its legibility. You’ll also get stylistic and contextual alternates to create unique results with this versatile, free typeface.

Esqadero FF CY free clean font typeface

Born Typeface Font by Carlos de Toro

Born might be based on traditional calligraphy, but its humanist presentation is incredibly modern. This makes it an excellent free typeface for your standard design kit. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase characters, alternates, ligatures, numbers, symbols, punctuation, and more! Embody tradition and supreme elegance with Born!

Born free clean font typeface

Tryst Font by Philatype

Tryst is a modern serif that shines across graphic design formats. You can use it to craft elegant and sleek headlines, feature it on your posters and product designs, and everything in between. Uppercase characters are incredibly legible, while lowercase characters have strokes that make them unique on large displays.

Tryst free clean font typeface

Gaspar Font by Carlos Alonso

Who said slab serifs couldn’t look modern? Gaspar defies expectations and brings you two versions (regular and bold) with matching italics that work beautifully for headlines and titles, as well as posters and body copy. It’s an excellent alternative to traditional slab serifs, which sacrifice legibility for ornateness.

Gaspar free clean font typeface

Corduroy Slab by Ryan Welch

Just like the material, Corduroy is a reliable slab serif inspired by vintage (think: Wild West) typography. With its all-caps presentation, Corduroy is great for headlines, logos, apparel, posters, and other branding designs. You’ll also get numerals and punctuation to make the typography in your designs capture your audience.

Corduroy Slab free clean font typeface

Sabado Font Family by Frank Hemmekam

Sabado is a free and clean font family inspired by Swiss typefaces. While it’s a sans-serif, it adds enough dynamism to not only be perfectly legible, but striking in large formats like posters, as well. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase characters, accented characters, numbers, and punctuation.

Sabado free clean font typeface

Marta Font by Fontfabric

Marta is a friendly serif font family that will look beautiful in body copy, as well as posters and other branding materials. Not only is it legible, but it offers unique twists to help you create incredible typography (ornaments, ligatures, and more). It also supports the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.

Marta free clean font typeface

Fairview Font by Lost Type Co-op

Create an industrial atmosphere of progress and innovation with Fairview, a condensed sans-serif. You’ll get both uppercase and lowercase characters, each offering unique glyphs that contribute to Fairview’s signature aesthetic. Fairview mimics early computing typefaces, so it’s perfect for design projects related to tech!

Fairview free clean font typeface

Bebas Neue by Fontfabric

Bebas Neue reimagines the well-known Bebas Neue font family with additional weights, some of which you can download for free (bold, book, light, regular, and thin). The sans-serif font family is perfect for legibility and friendliness, so use it for similar projects, and you’ll undoubtedly amaze your audience.

Bebas Neue free clean font typeface

Fira Font Family by Mozilla

Clean, legible, and perfect. Fira is a sans-serif typeface with plenty of font weights and a Fira Mono variation for all kinds of projects. Use the lighter and thinner versions of Fira for great web readability, and the bolder variations for standout poster typography. You’ll love every character!

fira free clean font typeface

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why Should I Use Clean Fonts?
    They’re perfect for creating a professional and contemporary look. Clean fonts are versatile, from website text to print materials, offering clarity and a modern vibe.
  • Can Clean Fonts Be Used for Logo Design?
    Yes, clean fonts are excellent for logos. They provide a modern, uncluttered look, making your logo easily readable and memorable.
  • Are Free Clean Fonts Suitable for All Types of Design Projects?
    They’re great for various projects, including web design, print media, advertising, and more. Their versatility and readability make them a go-to choice for many designers.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Clean Font for My Project?
    Consider the tone and purpose of your project. Look for a font that aligns with the overall aesthetic you’re aiming for and test it in your design to ensure it fits well.
  • Can Clean Fonts be Paired with Decorative Fonts?
    Yes, pairing a clean font with a decorative font can create a nice balance and contrast in your design. Just make sure they complement each other and maintain readability.
  • What Should I Avoid When Using Clean Fonts?
    Avoid using too many clean fonts in one design, as it can dilute the impact and make the design look disjointed. Stick to one or two for consistency.
  • Are Clean Fonts Good for Long Text?
    Yes, their simplicity and legibility make them excellent for long text. Clean fonts can help reduce eye strain and make reading more comfortable, especially in print and digital publications.
  • How Do Clean Fonts Impact the Overall Look of a Website?
    Clean fonts can give a website a modern, uncluttered, professional appearance. They help ensure that the content is the focus and can improve the site’s user experience.
  • Can I Use Clean Fonts in UI/UX Design?
    In UI/UX design, clean fonts are often preferred for their readability and simplicity, making interfaces user-friendly and straightforward.
  • What’s the Difference Between Clean Fonts and Minimalist Fonts?
    While both share simplicity, clean fonts focus on clarity and readability, and can sometimes have subtle design details. Minimalist fonts adhere to the strictest form of simplicity, often with a very pared-down design.
  • Are There Any Specific Trends in Clean Fonts I Should Be Aware Of?
    Trends in clean fonts often reflect current design trends. There’s a preference for sans-serif clean fonts with a geometric touch, offering a blend of modernity and simplicity.

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