20+ Best Free Instagram Story Templates

Creating a new Instagram Story every time can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you want a consistent and polished look. Using Story templates simplifies this process, allowing for quick, cohesive, and beautifully designed Instagram content that aligns with your personal or business branding goals.

This collection has the best free Instagram Story templates currently available. They come in various formats, including Photoshop PSD, Figma, Sketch, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro.

Whether you’re a social media manager, a business owner, or just an Instagram enthusiast, these templates will help you maintain a consistent and professional look. So go ahead, give them a try, and see how much easier and quicker it is to post high-quality Instagram Stories!

Instagram Story Templates for Photoshop

These easy-to-use Photoshop PSD templates are great for anyone wanting an elegant and polished look for their Instagram Stories.

Travel Instagram Stories Template (Free, Photoshop PSD)

This free set includes twelve unique templates suitable for personal vacations, landscape photographers, or even travel business promotions. Each template has smart objects for easy customization, making it perfect for creating eye-catching travel Stories.

Travel Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Stories Vol. 4 Templates (Photoshop PSD)

If you’re looking for an Instagram Story template with elegant and stylish typography, you should try one of the templates included in this pack. The download pack includes nine Photoshop PSD files.

Volume 4 Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Noir Minimalist Instagram Story Templates (Free, Photoshop PSD)

Noir Beauty has a striking black-and-white aesthetic. This free Story template collection is perfect for fashion bloggers and brands. Simple yet bold, these Photoshop PSD templates are an excellent choice.

Noir Minimalist Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Minimal Fallen Instagram Story Template Pack (Photoshop PSD)

This minimally designed Instagram Story template has an elegant design that would be great for a fashion brand or influencer. The template includes ten templates and ten regular Instagram posts, so you can keep the design consistent.

Minimal Fallen Phtooshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Mood Board Templates (Free, Photoshop PSD)

This free pack includes thirty individual Photoshop PSD templates that will help you quickly create mood boards that reflect your personal style or brand. They are an excellent resource for project inspiration or promotion.

Mood Board Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Glorious Instagram Quotes Stories Pack (Photoshop PSD)

Quotes are one of the most engaging post types on Instagram, so if you want to motivate or inspire your audience, check out this template pack. You’ll get more than 50 easy-to-edit quote templates. Simply replace the quote with your own, customize the colors, and save the design.

 Instagram Story Template Social Media

Shimmer Fashion Instagram Story Templates (Free, Photoshop PSD)

Shimmer is a free Instagram Story collection of six high-resolution Photoshop PSD templates. It is perfect for photographers, fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, and brands. Customize the templates by dragging and dropping your images into the smart object layer and adding your text.

Glorious Instagram Quotes Photoshop PSD Story Template Social Media

Instagram Stories Vol. 3 (Free, Photoshop PSD)

Instagram Stories Volume 3 is a collection of fun Story templates with various designs. You can use these Photoshop templates to promote your sales, special offers, announce new product launches, or share a quote or behind-the-scenes photos.

Volume 3 Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Everyday Adventure Instagram Templates (Free, Photoshop PSD)

The Everyday Adventure Instagram collection is a multi-purpose set of Story templates that are perfect for promoting travel, lifestyle, fashion, and other types of posts on Instagram. They have a colorful design and modern typography.

Everyday Adventure Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Hepburn Instagram Templates (Free, Photoshop PSD)

Any brand that caters to a female audience would do well with this Instagram template pack. The collection includes nine stylish PSD templates with elegant typography and a soft color palette. You’ll find templates for quotes, regular posts, sales announcements, and more.

Hepburn Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Tanska Instagram Template Collection (Free, Photoshop PSD)

Consider the Tanska templates if you’re promoting a Scandinavian brand or lifestyle. This collection has ten Photoshop templates featuring soft color palettes and stylish geometric shapes.

Tanska Collection Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Story Quote Templates (Free, Photoshop PSD)

This free PSD template features two designs, one for sharing quotes and one perfect for quick announcements. The template has a neutral color palette, but you can easily customize it to your brand’s colors.

Story Quote Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Story Templates for Figma

These customizable Figma templates are ideal for anyone looking to create professional Stories quickly and efficiently.

We’re Hiring Instagram Story & Post Template (Free, Figma)

The colorful and modern “We’re Hiring” Story template is perfect for businesses and organizations that need to announce job openings on Instagram. This free Figma template offers beautiful typography and engaging design elements, making it ideal for attracting top talent.

Job Application Figma Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Text-Based Post & Story Templates (Free, Figma)

This free Instagram Story template has been created specifically for text-based posts and Stories. It greatly simplifies the process of creating quotes and announcement-style posts directly in Figma. This template can also be used for Facebook and TikTok.

Text-Based Post Figma Instagram Story Template Social Media

Colorful Instagram Story Templates (Free, Figma)

This free Figma template includes safe areas and guides, ensuring your content always looks its best. It is incredibly versatile and perfect for anyone looking to inject a bit of color into their Instagram Stories.

Colorful Figma Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Story Templates for Sketch

These templates are specifically tailored for Sketch App users. They offer a variety of customizable and user-friendly designs, allowing for the quick creation of Instagram Stories with minimal effort and maximum creativity.

Vana Fashion Instagram Story Templates (Free, Sketch App Format & Photoshop PSD)

Vana is a stylish Instagram Story template pack that can be edited in Sketch or Photoshop. Thanks to the minimal design, these templates can be used for any type of post. You’ll get eight templates in total.

Vana Fashion Sketch App Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Lush Social Media Templates for Instagram (Free, Sketch App Format & Photoshop)

This is an elegant set of 24 Instagram Story templates that makes it easy to promote your brand and share quick updates, as well as to announce product launches, sales, and more. The template comes with smart shapes, so replacing the photos and text with your own is easy.

Lush Sketch App Photoshop PSD Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Story Templates for After Effects

These After Effects templates are perfect for those who want to add an extra layer of dynamism to their Instagram Stories. These video templates turn ordinary Stories into professional-quality animations.

Different Stories Templates for Instagram (Free, After Effects)

This free template is a creative and modern solution for creating animated Instagram Stories. It features five vertical design options, all perfect for making your Stories stand out. You can easily edit text and media placeholders and adjust the color to suit your style.

Different Stories Video After Effects Instagram Story Template Social Media

Stylish Instagram Story Video Templates (After Effects)

These After Effects templates offer a variety of layouts and bold designs that are both modern and easy to customize. It’s perfect for brands, influencers, or anyone wanting to create professional-looking Instagram Stories quickly.

Stylish Video After Effects Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Story Fashion Video Template (Free, After Effects)

This elegantly animated After Effects template is perfect for anything fashion-related. It’s incredibly user-friendly, easy to customize, and requires no extra plugins. It is ideal for businesses and brands looking to quickly promote their products on Instagram.

Fashion After Effects Video Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Story Templates for Premiere Pro

These templates make creating Instagram Stories very easy in Premiere Pro. They offer a variety of styles and are incredibly easy to customize, perfect for anyone wanting to improve their Stories with a professional look and feel.

Instagram Story Video Template (Free, Premiere Pro)

This modern and dynamic collection of ten Premiere Pro templates has been designed for quick and easy use. Add your photos or videos and replace the text, and your Story is ready to post on Instagram. No plugins are required.

Premiere Pro Video Instagram Story Template Social Media

Brutalism Instagram Story Video Template (Premiere Pro)

This brutalist Premiere Pro template pack will add an edgy and bold style to your Instagram content. With their stark, impactful design, these templates bring a unique and modern look to your Instagram Stories. They are perfect for animated posters and promos.

Brutalism Instagram Story Video Template Social Media

Instagram Story Templates for Final Cut Pro

These Story templates are tailored for Final Cut Pro users, blending ease of use with creative flexibility. They’re perfect for anyone looking to post on Instagram with polished and engaging content.

Simple Instagram Story Video Templates (Free, Final Cut Pro)

This free Final Cut Pro template has five stylish Instagram Story title overlays. It’s user-friendly, letting you easily edit text and adjust colors. You can also use this free template to create video content for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Simple Final Cut Pro Video Instagram Story Template Social Media

Fashion Instagram Story Video Templates (Final Cut Pro)

These beautifully animated Final Cut Pro templates are perfect for creating Stories for Instagram. With its stunning typography and vintage aesthetics, your Instagram Stories will transport your audience back in time.

 Instagram Story Template Social Media

Instagram Story Guidelines

Here are some key guidelines and requirements to keep in mind when creating an Instagram Story:

  1. Aspect Ratio & Size: Instagram Stories should have an aspect ratio of 9:16. A common resolution is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. This is the full-screen format on most smartphones.
  2. Length: Each Story clip can be up to 15 seconds long. If you upload a longer video, it will be split into multiple 15-second segments.
  3. Content Type: You can use photos, videos, or text-based images. Instagram also offers built-in features like Boomerang, Superzoom, or Hands-Free recording.
  4. File Format: For videos, MP4 or MOV format works best. For images, JPG or PNG is recommended.
  5. Text & Stickers: You can add text, emojis, and stickers to your Stories. Remember to keep them away from the top and bottom of the screen as Instagram overlays like your profile icon and call-to-action (“Swipe up”) can cover them.
  6. Duration: Photos in Stories are displayed for 7 seconds by default, but videos will play for their full duration (up to 15 seconds).
  7. Interactive Elements: You can include interactive elements like polls, questions, and swipe-up links (if you have access to this feature, often available to accounts with over 10,000 followers or verified accounts).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are Instagram Story templates?
    They are pre-designed layouts that you can use to create stylish and cohesive Stories on Instagram. They help in maintaining a consistent look and feel for your posts.
  • What can I do with these free Instagram Story templates?
    They’re perfect for sharing photos, announcements, promotions, or just adding some creativity to your everyday posts.
  • Who should use these Instagram Story templates?
    They’re great for anyone looking to improve their Instagram presence. This includes influencers, small business owners, casual users, and anyone wanting to add a professional or artistic look to their Instagram content.
  • Can I expect good quality from free templates?
    Yes, all of these Instagram Story templates are of high-quality. They also all feature creative designs and are easy to customize.
  • How do I check if I can use these templates for personal or commercial purposes?
    Review the license information that comes with each template. It will specify if they’re free for personal or commercial use.

Boosting Your Instagram Engagement

Instagram Stories are the perfect way to keep your followers engaged in your brand. They’re quick and fun and can help boost your Instagram engagement rate like never before.

With these modern Instagram Story templates, you can create Stories that look professional and polished without spending hours brainstorming and designing.

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