The 10 Best Free Lightroom Presets for Portrait Photography


Portrait photography focuses on capturing the personality, character, and expression of a person or a group of people. It’s all about creating an image that captures the subject’s essence and tells a story about who they are.

Lightroom presets are pre-made adjustments that can be applied to your portrait photos to enhance their colors, tones, and overall aesthetic. These presets can offer a range of benefits, including saving time and simplifying your workflow, and providing a consistent look and feel across your portraits.

They can also help you achieve specific effects, such as adding a soft glow, increasing contrast, or desaturating colors, to name a few. These effects can help you achieve a particular mood or style, making your portraits convey a particular feeling or emotion. You can also customize presets to fit your specific needs and style, allowing you to create your own unique look and feel.

This free collection of Lightroom presets for portrait photography can help you create stunning portraits with just a few clicks. So, if you want to elevate your portrait photography game, try these presets and see how they can speed up your workflow and editing process.

Note: these free Adobe Lightroom portrait presets are used for Adobe Lightroom Classic. They are each packaged with .xmp files. Check out our instructions to install Lightroom presets at the bottom of this tutorial.

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Slumberland Free Lightroom Preset (Free)

Slumberland is a Lightroom preset that delivers a light, airy look for your portrait photos. This preset is especially useful if you have shadowy, dark images that you want to enhance and elevate to new heights. Try it out for fresh summer shots, album cover portraits, and other creative projects where you want to add a touch of lightness and vibrancy to your photos.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Contrast Noir Free Lightroom Preset (Free)

Contrast Noir is the free preset that challenges the misconception that black and white portraits are dull and uninspiring. By enhancing contrasts, this preset adds a stylish touch that makes portrait subjects stand out from their backdrops.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Gorgeous Portrait Lightroom Presets on Envato Elements

This Lightroom preset pack enables you to add depth to your photos in just a few clicks. The pack offers a range of options to choose from, including pastel or matte tones and rich colors, which can add depth and enhance the visual appeal of your photos.

Gorgeous Portrait Lightroom Presets

Cosmic Dancer Lightroom Preset (Free)

Cosmic Dancer is a versatile Lightroom preset, designed to enhance the colors and make them pop in portrait photography. This preset is perfect for adding a bit of excitement to your flatter images, making them stand out and catch viewers’ attention.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Minimalist Portrait Presets on Envato Elements

This collection of Lightroom presets consists of five distinct warm tones that you can apply to your photos. Each preset is designed to create a different look, from vintage to moody to vibrant. Additionally, this collection also includes presets for mobile, which means you can edit your photos on-the-go.

Minimalist Portrait Presets

Portrait Matte Free Lightroom Preset (Free)

If you’re looking for a touch of retro styling for your portraits, look no further than the Portrait Matte preset. This preset delivers exactly what you’re after, with warm, matte tones applied throughout. It is perfect for warming up colors while keeping them soft and visually appealing.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Urban Portrait Lightroom Presets on Envato Elements

Looking to add a vintage, gritty feel to your urban portraits? The Urban Portrait Lightroom preset pack has got you covered. It’s compatible with both Lightroom desktop and mobile, so you can edit your photos wherever you are. Give it a try and see how the Urban Portrait pack can add a new dimension to your urban portraits.

Urban Portrait Lightroom Presets

Seeped in Sepia Free Lightroom Preset (Free)

The timeless, brown and yellow faded sepia tones often found in old and historic photos can now be added to your modern portraits. With this free Lightroom preset, it’s easy to achieve this classic style in just a few clicks. These presets offers a range of options to choose from, whether you’re looking to create a vintage look or add warmth to your photos.

This sepia preset helps you do just that, applying vintage shades to any photo in Lightroom.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Take a Vow Lightroom Preset (Free)

Wedding photos are some of the most memorable portraits you’ll ever capture, and they deserve the best possible editing treatment. Our Take a Vow preset is tailor-made for wedding shots, helping the happy couple stand out by fading background colors to avoid distractions.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Hopscotch Portrait Lightroom Preset (Free)

Looking for a bold styling for your portrait photos? The Hopscotch Lightroom preset can deliver just that. Whether you’re looking to create funky, artsy shots or enhance the color of your shots, Hopscotch offers a range of options to choose from.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Limograph B&W Portrait Lightroom Preset (Free)

Classy and elegant black-and-white portraits never go out of style, but shooting in black and white can limit your creative options. With the Limograph Lightroom preset, you can convert your color photos into black and white later and preserve your creative flexibility.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Vintage Portrait Free Lightroom Preset (Free)

Vintage-styled images can be colorful, stunning works of art that are far from uninteresting. Transform your photos into just that with this free Vintage Portrait Lightroom preset. This preset makes full use of yellow and orange tones for a classic, bright look that’s impossible to match with a camera alone.

 portrait free lightroom preset

Shadowze Free Lightroom Preset (Free)

For a black-and-white portrait preset that emulates the look and feel of film photography, look no further than Shadowze. This Lightroom preset presents photos in a high-contrast yet flat way, without many sharp tones, making it ideal for any subject.

 portrait free lightroom preset

How to Install Presets in Lightroom Classic

  1. Download the preset file from the links provided.
  2. Locate the XMP file in the downloaded package. Sometimes, the file may be packaged in a ZIP file and will need to be extracted.
  3. Open Lightroom Classic and switch to the Develop module.
  4. Look for the panel labeled Presets on the left side of the screen.
  5. Click on the + icon and select Import Presets.
  6. Browse to the XMP file, select it, and click Import.
  7. Find your new preset in the sidebar and click on it to apply it to an image.
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