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15 Beautifully Designed Free Minimal Ghost Themes

on Web Design

Not only did Ghost launch a few years ago, it launched big, really big. No other CMS over the last few years has received such universal acclaim and been able to generate such excitement. Not since WordPress anyway.

What does make Ghost great? And why is it such a good alternative to other CMSs? That is easy, it is purely the simplicity it offers.

All of the free themes we have for you below embodies everything that Ghost represents – a simple platform that puts all of the focus onto your great content. The themes are all lightweight, minimal, have beautiful typography and all are a solid foundation for creating your own theme.

As well as styled themes, at the bottom of the post we have also included a selection of blank themes to help make things easier for you guys to get started creating your own Ghost themes.

Vapor By Seth Lilly

Vapor theme ghost free

Vapor is a minimal and responsive Ghost blogging theme with a strong focus on typography. Fonts have been embedded via Google Fonts, including Roboto Slab, Merriweather, and Open Sans Condensed.

Vapor Download Page →

GhostScroll By Yonatan Wolowelsky

GhostScroll theme ghost free

GhostScroll is a lightweight Ghost theme specially for those people who want to create quick and simple one-page websites for personal or promotional uses.

GhostScroll Download Page →

Readium By Sven Read

Readium theme ghost free

Readium, built with LESS, has been been designed to bring you the readability and user experience of by including much of the text formatting features that Medium offers.

Readium Download Page →

Ghost Theme By Adam Cooke

Ghost Theme theme ghost free

Ghost Theme Download Page →

Ghost Theme By Designing Sean

Ghost Theme theme ghost free

Ghost Theme Download Page →

Ghostwriter By Rory G.

Ghostwriter theme ghost free

Ghostwriter is a simple AJAX driven theme for Ghost.

Ghostwriter Download Page →

Ghostless By Stefan Leonte

Ghostless theme ghost free

Ghostless is a port from the WordPress theme Less to Ghost, but with a personal spin from Stefan.

Ghostless Download Page →

Solar By Matt Harzewski

Solar theme ghost free

Solar is based on the Solarized color palette. It includes stylesheets for the default light-on-dark version, and for the alternate dark-on-light one.

Solar Download Page →

Ghost Theme Based on UiKIT

Based on UiKIT theme ghost free

Ghost Theme Based on UiKIT Download Page →

Albireo By Marco Santonocito

 theme ghost free

Albireo Download Page →Demo Download Page →

Aura By Tom Kenny

Albireo theme ghost free

Aura Download Page →

SŁIMPØST By Dmitriy S.

SŁIMPØST theme ghost free

SŁIMPØST Download Page →

Magnum By Durgesh Priyaranjan

Magnum theme ghost free

Magnum Download Page →

Blank & Starter Ghost Themes

Ghost Blank from Daniel Riemer →
This theme contains all of the necessary files for your own theme design including templates for homepage and posts and a CSS file with custom reset and some basic styling.

Phantom Yeti – Starter Theme Built on Foundation →
Phantom Yeti is a starter theme built on the Foundation framework. The theme is loaded with all of Foundation's SASS and Javascript components and is preloaded with Foundicons Enclosed and the social icon set.

Boostrap Ghost Theme from Matt Lambert →
This is starter Ghost theme with Twitter Bootstrap integration. Bootstrap 3 has been included, and all the components, styles, etc… are available for use.

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