Top 10 Free Responsive Slider Plugins for WordPress

Having a slider on your website is common nowadays. They are really useful by offering a means for highlighting important content within a limited space. But what about when that space becomes even more limited, such as when your site is viewed on a mobile device?

In this roundup, we have put together the top 10 free responsive slider plugins for WordPress users. Here they are:

Well, we are here to help with that.


FlexSlider opular responsive jQuery slider toolkit WooThemes

FlexSlider is a popular responsive jQuery slider toolkit by WooThemes. It features semantic markup, horizontal/vertical slide, fade animations, custom navigation options, callback API as well as touch-swipe support.

WOW Slider – jQuery Image Slider & Gallery

The WOW Slider jQuery image sliders WordPress Responsive plugins

The WOW Slider offers jQuery image sliders. The best part? It does not require any knowledge of coding whatsoever! WOW Slider offers a simple and easy to use interface for creating sliders and it can be used by coders and non-coders alike.

Captain Slider – jQuery Slider/Slideshow Plugin

Captain Slider free plugin add responsive jQuery sliders wordpress site

Captain Slider is a free plugin that lets you add jQuery sliders to your WP site. It supports custom shortcodes as well as video slides.

SlideDeck 2 – Lite Responsive Content Slider

SlideDeck feature-rich plugin create responsive sliders virtually any type of content

SlideDeck 2 is a feature-rich plugin that lets you create responsive sliders from virtually any type of content — be it Flickr photos, Youtube videos, Pinterest posts, and of course, images.

Meteor Slides – Create Responsive Slideshows

Meteor Slides lets you create responsive slideshows for your website. You can add the slideshows using widgets, shortcodes or template tags. The plugin offers multiple transition styles, customizable slideshow metadata and multi-site compatibility. Meteor Slides has also been translated into multiple languages.

WP Parallax Content Slider Plugin

WP Parallax Content Slider Plugin highly customizable WordPress plugin features CSS3 animations

The WP Parallax Content Slider Plugin is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that features CSS3 animations and displays sliders using a beautiful Parallax effect.

Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider another free plugin creating responsive sliders

Cyclone Slider 2 is yet another free plugin for creating responsive sliders. It features custom animations, custom widgets and does support multiple sliders per page.

Super Slider

Super Slider create multiple sliders minutes WordPress Responsive Slider plugins

Super Slider lets you create multiple sliders within minutes. You can insert the sliders into your posts and pages, or use them as widgets or even embed them directly via HTML.

EasyRotator – jQuery Slider / Rotator Builder

As the name suggests, EasyRotator for WordPress lets you add jQuery sliders or rotators to your WP site with ease.

WP Orbit Slider

WP Orbit Slider custom post types taxonomies create slider groups

The WP Orbit Slider uses custom post types and taxonomies to create slider groups. Unlike other plugins, it offers only one slider per post or page.

Meta Slider

Meta Slider four jQuery sliders Nivo Slider Coin Slider Flex Slider Responsive Slides

Meta Slider lets you choose between four jQuery sliders: Nivo Slider, Coin Slider, Flex Slider and Responsive Slides. The plugin comes with its own custom widgets and shortcodes, automatic image cropping and has been fully localized. There is also a pro version which lets you add video sliders and dynamic post feed slides.