20 Free Technology Brush Sets for Adobe Photoshop

By on Photoshop

Technology brushes for Photoshop are a great asset to have for any tech, sci-fi or futuristic project. They usually consist of shapes, lines, circles, hexagons, particles, schematics, and other tech shapes. The best part about technology or any other type of brush is that you can find dozens of them online for free, thanks to other designers that love sharing their resources with the design community.

However, finding good, high-quality Photoshop brushes can be time-consuming. That’s why we’ve gathered the best technology brush sets for Photoshop. You can save yourself some time and add these brushes to your ever-growing collection of design assets.

As you’ll see from the examples below, there’s a wide variety of brushes in this roundup. From circular shapes and solid tech rings to technology schematics, nebulas, and even diesel power brushes, there’s something for everyone here. Not only will you be able to add a little extra flair to your project with these brushes, but you’ll also avoid having to create the brush from scratch which will allow you to finish your project faster.

On top of that, you can use these brushes for years to come and in various projects such as packaging, websites, print materials, posters, and more. They are a perfect choice to make your design look more futuristic or to give them a clean and modern look. As always, make sure to check out the licensing terms for any of these brush sets and then let your creativity take the reigns.

These free technology brush sets will work very well with these free techno and sci-fi fonts.

Z-Design Tech Brush Set (40 Brushes)

Z-Design Tech Brush Set 40 Brushes

80 Geometric Shape Brushes (Envato Elements)

geometric shape brushes

Tech Brushes For You (56 Brushes)

Tech Brushes For You 56 Brushes

Nebula Brushes (Envato Elements)

nebula photoshop brushes

Tech Brushes (100 Brushes)

Tech Brushes 100 Brushes

Digital Networks Brushes (Envato Elements)

Digital Networks Brushes

Schematics (21 Brushes)

Schematics 21 Brushes

Digital Particles (Envato Elements)

Digital Particles Photoshop Brushes

Tech Brushes (19 Brushes)

Tech Brushes 19 Brushes

Digital Flow (Envato Elements)

digital smooth flow hairs photoshop brushes

Technical (18 Brushes)

Technical 18 Brushes

Tech Brush Mega Pack

Tech Brush Mega Pack

Basic Tech Brushes

Basic Tech Brushes



Cyber (26 Brushes)

Cyber 26 Brushes

Abstract Tech Brushes (55 Brushes)

Abstract Tech Brushes 55 Brushes

Diesel Power Brush Set

Diesel Power

Tech Brush Set V2

Tech Brush Set V2

Advanced Tech (50 Brushes)

Advanced Tech 50 Brushes

Tech Brushes (9 Brushes)

Tech Brushes 9 Brushes

Big Brushes Tech Brushes (200 Brushes)

Big Brushes Tech Brushes 200 Brushes



Solid Tech Rings (1000)

Solid Tech Rings 1000

Z-DESIGN Tech Brushes Set

Z-DESIGN Tech Brushes Set