FullStory Delivers Pixel-Perfect Session Playback With Launch of FullStory Free Edition


Have you ever wanted to know exactly how visitors are interacting with your website? What if you could play back specific user sessions and get all kinds of analytical goodness for free? Yes, FullStory has just dropped the mic with that one.

Free Forever

FullStory has just launched FullStory Free Edition and it’s a game-changer. Never before have they offered a completely free version of their product. Now, designers and small teams can gain useful insights into user interactions. The best part is that FullStory Free Edition is going to stay free forever.

FullStory Free Edition

What You’ll See

Using FullStory is going to fundamentally change the way you go about designing that perfect UI. You’ll see and experience your work exactly as users do. Every click, swipe and scroll is captured. From there, you can view and annotate sessions to share with your team.

Session playback is only one of the awesome features FullStory has to offer. You can also view live sessions, as they happen. It’s a great way to provide support or training. And you won’t need to install any extra software or plugins – it just works.

With FullStory Segments, you can create groups of sessions around specific data. For example, you may want to see how a new promotion is working. You can easily build out groups based on who the customer is or what they do while on your site.

FullStory Administration Area

Collaboration with other team members is also a breeze, thanks to FullStory’s ability to create session notes. Mark down your observations and then share it with colleagues.

You’ll also be able to more efficiently handle customer support because FullStory can integrate with several popular support suites. When a user sends a support ticket, a link to their session playback can be automatically included in the ticket.

New Feature: OmniSearch

OmniSearch is a brand new addition to FullStory. It’s a lightning-fast way to answer questions about your site’s user experience. Just start typing in keywords like “Twitter”, “Checkout” or anything else that comes to mind.

OmniSearch will instantly begin suggesting completed searches. From there, you’ll see trends, charts and matching session playbacks. Looking for specific data has never been easier.
Become Informed with FullStory Free Edition

Become Informed with FullStory Free Edition

This is information you truly do not want to miss out on. Just imagine the ways you can improve your website (and boost your bottom line). The possibilities are pretty exciting, no?

With the launch of FullStory Free Edition, you now have the power to see your website just like your users do – all for free. Sign up today and get on the path to a deeper knowledge of your site.

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