FullStory Lets You See Your Site from a User’s Perspective

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Imagine being able to see your website as a user does. You might catch their frustration when something doesn’t work as expected. Or, you may give yourself a high-five when seeing a transaction go just as you hoped.

Even if you aren’t sitting right next to each and every user, you can still see exactly how they interact with your website. FullStory makes it happen.

FullStory - The Service that Beats Traditional User Testing

The Service that Beats Traditional User Testing

With FullStory, you can replay user sessions with pixel-perfect accuracy. You’ll see every click, key press and page transition along the way. Even better is that each session is a fully-inspectable recreation of your website – with DOM, the JS console, and assets. So, for example, when a JavaScript error pops up during a user session, you’ll see it. A detailed log of every JS error from a user’s browser is provided.

Unlike traditional user testing, FullStory is a complete solution with incredible detail. With the FullStory TV feature, you can choose to auto-play every user session or just a saved segment. You’ll gain non-stop insight into how users interact with your site. As you watch, patterns will emerge like rage, error and dead clicks. From there, you can determine what is and isn’t working much more quickly than with old school testing methods.

FullStory has Powerful Features to Analyze Data

Powerful Features to Analyze Data

While it’s great to have access to tons of session playbacks, you also need a way to quickly find the interactions you’re looking for. FullStory’s OmniSearch makes it easy. Find customers, view page analytics, create funnels and more. All you need to do is start typing – OmniSearch does all of the heavy lifting.

To visualize results, FullStory provides Searchies. Valuable data comes in digestible pieces like pie charts and funnels that automatically accompany every search and segment. It can help you to make sense of all that session data.

FullStory also integrates with a number of popular third-party applications. Session data can be sent to collaboration apps like HipChat, Slack or Trello. It also works with support suites like Desk.com, HelpScout and Zendesk. You can bring insights directly into your BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace or WordPress/WooCommerce website. Plus, you’ll get the benefits of hooking into Google Analytics Universal and Google Tag Manager. There are a number of useful integrations available to meet your needs.

Team members will love FullStory’s collaboration-friendliness. You can send individual session playback links to people both inside and outside of your organization. This will help you collect valuable feedback and insight from others.

With the Identify API, you can bring customer information directly into FullStory. Customer data will be searchable within the app. Custom User Attributes let you populate unique user fields like a customer’s subscription level or their lifetime spend amount. Privacy is vital and FullStory makes it easy to exclude sensitive customer data through a simple point and click interface.

Sign Up for a Free FullStory Account

Sign Up for a Free FullStory Account

Do you really know how users interact with your website? Stop guessing and sign up for a free account with FullStory. See the valuable insights you’ve been missing. They’ll make for a better website, and you might even become the office superhero.