Google Web Designer: Bringing Ideas To Life, Using HTML5

Yesterday Google added a new tool to its wide array of offerings, and this time they have built something specifically for the web design community.

Allow me to introduce you to Google Web Designer – a powerful tool that lets you easily create interactive and cross-platform HTML5-based designs and vector-style artwork using an ‘integrated visual and code interface’.

Google Web Designer Screenshot

So what exactly can Google Web Designer do? Here are some of the features it offers:

  • Full 3D authoring environment utilizing CSS3
  • Automated and intuitive design tools to let you create animated HTML5
  • Publish designed ads directly to DoubleClick Studio or AdMob
  • In-built illustration tools
  • Choice of either Design View or Code View

To give you a quick overview of what Google Web Designer can do, check out this video:

As of now, Google Web Designer is freely available for both Mac and PC. It is still in BETA, though that shouldn’t really deter you from giving it a spin — GMail was in BETA for a long while, wasn’t it?

You can read about the launch of Google Web Designer here, or check out related videos on YouTube.


  • eyot08

    It’s good to see Adobe gets more and more competition!

  • Pappu Sabnani

    awesome google.

  • Christian Pucci

    Adobe = Epic Fail

  • Tim

    This isn’t really ready for prime time. Better tools out there right now, like Tumult Hype. Hopefully this will mature faster than other Google products and not get dropped as they are wont to do.